Greg Scott talks about INFERNO

greg-scottFirst Comics News: You’ve been at DC for a while now, how did you originally break into comics?

Greg Scott: I guess, I got into comics thru Neal Adams. I worked at his Continuity Studios here in NYC, and wanted to do comics full time. I had a packet of samples, I dropped them off at the receptionists desk on a Friday, addressed to every editor, just a blanket mailing. That was Friday, the next Monday I got a call, or THE CALL, which was my first Marvel job. I got my first DC job because I heard the editors took smoke breaks at 10: 30, I rode up to 1700 Broadway on my bike, asked “who works for DC?” and handed out samples, got a job a few days later.

1st: This is your first on-going assignment for DC, how did you get the job?

Greg: Actually I owe it all to Dean Motter, he showed my DOMINIC FORTUNE pages to Joey, and again, I got the call, simple as that.

1st: Had you been a fan of the Inferno prior to getting the assignment?

Greg: Actually, I wasn’t aware of the character until I got the script.

1st: Joey Cavalieri is your editor on the series, what did he tell you he wanted from the series?

Greg: Joey is great to work for, he just lets you do your thing, I think he just wanted me to do what I do. He’s very supportive, and gets you the reference you need, which is important, believe me.

1st: J.G. Jones did the character designs for the SHN Heroes. How much freedom do you have with the design of Inferno in the monthly comic?

Greg: I didn’t alter the design, it’s pretty simple really, a bald guy on fire!

1st: Frank Verrano is physically different from Inferno. When drawing the transformation is there just a burst of Fire?

Greg: You’ll have to check out the book…

1st: What type of reference material do you get for the Inferno stories?

Greg: Just the J.G designs and the script.

1st: In your first story arc, the Dark Men appear. Did you get to design the Dark Men?

Greg: ummm… I haven’t gotten the script yet, so you know more about it than I do… sorry.

1st: Green Arrow and Black Canary also show up in the first story. Do you look forward to the super heroes for the DCU crossing over or do you prefer more realistic looking characters like Inferno?

Greg: I’ll draw what the script calls for, but Green Arrow sounds like fun.

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