An important update from Hermes Press

A Medium-Sized Announcement from Hermes Press

Regarding Covid-19 & Our Printing Partners

Greetings everyone!

We have some important information for you in the interest of transparency to our loyal fans and customers:

Our factory in China is operating, but at a significantly reduced staff, and therefore all our of books printed there (The Phantom reprints, Johnny Hazard reprints, etc) will be more delayed than usual. At this time we are confident that they will remain open at current capacity, so it will be slow but steady work.

Our factory in Canada, where we are printing our Dark Shadows paperbacks, comic books, and similar titles announced they were required by their local officials to shut down their plants until April 12. We are still sending our books for pre-press, however that means that titles such as Dark Shadows Book 3 and Book 4 will have a slight delay.

We are about to send Dark Shadows Book 5 and Book 6 to the printer next week, so it will be going live on our website shortly after that for pre-orders.

ALL OF OUR BOOKS ARE STILL COMING. We are working with our reps and factories closely to make sure that the impact of this is felt as little as possible by you, our fans.

To make it easier for our customers we have reduced the “free” domestic shipping option to $30, and are now making a special $3.99 shipping option for all paperback purchases over $24.99 (up to $100- if you order more than that please email so we can help you out!), so that paperback buyers can save some money on their books! That includes all of the Phantom Avon books and the Dark Shadows Paperback Library reprints.

We are still working on getting our new books to the printer on time, and will continue to have sales and specials as normal, but be aware that shipping times may be longer than usual.

Stay safe everyone!

-The Gang at Hermes Press

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