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On Wednesday, April 6, WHITE FOX #1 launches on Marvel Unlimited! Written by Alyssa Wong, with art by Bruno Oliveira and colorist Andres Mossa, the four-part series follows Ami Han, also known as White Fox, last of the mystical shape-shifting Kumiho!


In issue #1, White Fox has been running herself ragged, obsessed with solving the mystery surrounding sword master’s death. But her old friend desperately needs her help; Seoul has a secret supernatural community – and they’re under attack!



Writer: Alyssa Wong

Artist: Bruno Oliveira

Colorist: Andres Mossa

Editor: Tom Groneman


Ami Han is White Fox, last of the mystical shape-shifting Kumiho! After her mother was murdered, Ami forged her own path fighting injustice. Now another murderer stalks the streets of Seoul’s hidden supernatural community. What revelations about White Fox’s past will the hunt for the killer reveal?


Writer Alyssa Wong says, “I have a soft spot for White Fox. She’s the first hero I solo-wrote for Marvel. I’ve always loved shape-shifters and monsters, and a question I’m always asking is, ‘Who gets to be a monster, and who has no choice? Who decides what is monstrous?’ Ami Han is a Kumiho who grew up without a Kumiho community, surrounded only by stories about how her kind is evil, heartless, and vicious. There’s a certain grief that comes from that kind of cultural isolation, loss, and external hatred, and it’s something she’s had to grapple with her entire life. I find that deeply compelling and resonant.”


On drawing the series in the Infinity Comic vertical format, artist Bruno Oliveira says, “I can go as long as I want to convey a scene and get a certain feeling, and as you scroll and find out more about a panel… it is always surprising. With this format, we can constantly surprise the reader! The reader can never tell if the next panel is going be a small square or it’s going take 3 “screens” of length to show a beautiful setting or a cool fight scene. I love to be able to surprise readers in that way!”


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