American Revere #1 preview

American Revere #1

Sam Walker is given the moniker of American Revere to act as a beacon of American hope and dreams restored. Juxtaposing this via a backdrop of secret government agendas, the rise of undead armies of vampires and zombies, and Sam being relentlessly hunted by a deadly assassin named Lady Neutria, hired by the ultra-secretive bounty hunters The Spider Sect, intent on ending his legend early and brutally. Shot, hounded, incarcerated, and shamed, will the sun rise again on the Great World Hope, or will darkness reign supreme?

Carlos Raphael, Ambet Gregorio, Eric N. Bennett

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Reanimated from death, Miami PD officer Sam Walker is chosen to become a beacon for justice and liberty! But just as soon as the newly christened American Revere hits the ground running, he runs into obstacles beyond his wildest imagination. Enter spidery assassins, vampires, and the President of the United States threatening to shut him down and incarcerate him. All before lunch! Then just when Revere thinks all hope is lost, a band of outlaw heroes known as the Lawless attempt to take down the U.S. Supra Service agents escorting Revere to a Supermax, and free our protagonist before he sets foot in ADX Everglades! This issue is also the first appearance of Team SupremUS, the greatest team of superheroes in all the indieverse!

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