Amazing Virtual Reality Games That are Worth Trying

The Coolest VR Games

Virtual Reality games or VR games are trendy these days as youngsters who play these have come out of traditional games. And are now more interested in these. VR games can give you an experience of living in Virtual reality where you play as the game’s main character, and everything around you gives you a different experience. For example, if you have ever played a live casino at IceCasino, you might have experienced how a virtual game makes you feel like you are experiencing it for real.

However, if you want to buy one, then it is important to look for details before buying a VR game. The compatibility of games to your device is essential. Some games don’t work for all systems, but some do. Also, check for the motions involved in the games, as some involve more physical movements than others.

Below are mentioned some most fantastic VR games:

Minecraft VR

It is a single-player game that includes multiplayer mode and co-op mode. These modes can be played with friends. This game involves exploring and survival mainly in which player mines landscapes and discover resources to build things of their choice and get rewards in return. Kids, trainee adults, and trainers’ educators seeking games for them are impressed by this game. You can download this game from the Oculus shop and play it for free. This game supports multiple languages.

No Man’s Sky

This game supports multiplayer and is an adventure-plus action game. It was massively downloaded and played when it was released in 2019. This game was criticized for its performance issues later resolved in the updates. In this game scenario, there are billion plus planets created, which users can explore turn by turn. Players can explore the universe, build bases, discover relics, and even dig a cave. Players can also complete missions in multiplayer mode. As the game starts, the player wakes up in a new location and can explore it. Players can also rename the planers and solar systems as per their liking. There are four modes in this game:

1. Normal mode
2. Creative mode
3. Easier building
4. Survival mode
5. Permadeath mode

Iron Man VR

This game mimicked Marvel comic character Iron Man and was released in July 2020 on PlayStation VR. You play as Tony Stark wearing an Iron Man suit in this game. Your ability to manipulate and maneuver in combat is critical to your survival. You can unlock new weapons, are assigned different fights, and you can enhance your Iron Man suit as per your choice.

Rec Room

Rec Room is a multiplayer game you can play with your friends as in like you are all in the same room. There are thousands of spaces created by different players, and you can produce multiple rooms by yourself and host various events. This game starts with a simple avatar which you customize later. It is a cross-platform game; you can also play it on your PC.


For people who love spy games, this is the most interesting one. This game is an action-plus shooting game. Players are assigned different missions to complete as undercover agents. The assignments could be in other parts of the world where you are at high risk of being caught. Players can make a strategy and deceive their enemies and use different kinds of weapons when needed. This game sharpens your strategic skills.

The Forest

This game was inspired by cults and was a success after its release. You can play this game in teams of up to four persons maximum. The game’s plot is that you have just survived a plane crash now you have to fight against forest barbarians to survive. You can hide in caves in the forest, hunt for food, and build traps for enemies. The game provides you with options like energy level, thirst, and hunger, so you perform the tasks accordingly.


It is a free-running game that requires a lot of arm movement. In this game, you can keep running in a city. You can climb rooftops, leap on the wall, and jump on cliffs. The longer you can go, the more the score will be. The game gets more challenging when savages try to kill you, but you can also protect yourself with your weapons. This game requires a lot of physical work as it has a lot of arm movements.

Falcon Age

In this game, you and your falcon pet save your planet against all the attacks. As your pet falcon grows old, it learns many tricks with time to help you in combats. The pet can be dressed up in customized fits. The primary mission in this game is to clear the areas taken over by enemies. It is a good game for players who enjoy getting lost in virtual reality.

Beat Saber

It is a rhythmic game where the player slashes the controller in rhythm with the background music. This game has ten different background music. The game uses two motion controllers to swipe horizontally and vertically to gain points. This game works best as a workout too.

Batman: Arkham VR

The player is dressed up as Batman to take down enemies in Arkham city. Batman can teleport to different cities. In this game, the player can study the environment and act accordingly. Batman is also working as a detective here, where he takes every step strategically. The pace of this game is slow.

The Talos Principle VR

This is the first puzzle game in Virtual Reality. While avoiding drones, you have to clear the path; you can move blocks using a motion controller. This game is different from other VR games as the rest offer action or fighting. This game can sharpen your problem-solving abilities.

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