ALPHA DOGS issue 3 with issues 1 & 2 catch up

Alpha Dogs #3 cover A
Alpha Dogs #3 cover B
Alpha Dogs #3 cover C


ALPHA DOGS features BUCK, a dog with the power to heal from most any wound, along with a heightened intelligence and strength. Although feared by the public due to his breed and size, Buck is on a quest to stop a murderous dog from hurting humans all while he is being hunted by BLACK ROCK, a cabal of mercenaries determined to duplicate Buck’s abilities. Buck’s owner, INA has spent her life on the run to protect her dogs.  Her secretive life has left Ina incredibly lonely. When she lets her guard down to SALEM, a handsome fellow bio-engineer and reveals the dogs’ abilities their lives are thrown into jeopardy. Finally, there is CYRUS, an old pit bull who feels he is wasting away in seclusion and yearns for the day he can show off his powers.

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