ALPHA DOGS #1 preview

ALPHA DOGS is LOST meets THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY. The comic series features BUCK, a pitbull born with the power of regeneration along with heightened intelligence and strength. Buck yearns to discover the origin of his super-powers, but the truth is more shocking than he could have ever imagined.
Buck lives with his owner INA and a geriatric pitbull named CYRUS who also shares in Buck’s abilities. The three of them are on the run from BLACK ROCK, a cabal of mercenaries obsessed with kidnapping the dogs.
With their lives in constant jeopardy, Ina hides her dogs at a county farmhouse out in South Carolina. But just when Buck believes he has finally found peace, Ina introduces the dogs to her new boyfriend, SALEM. Little does anyone know, Salem not only has knowledge of the dogs’ abilities but has created a formula that once in possession of the dogs’ blood, he can duplicate the dogs’ powers.
Alpha Dogs takes you on a cross-country journey with Buck and his team of dogs as they attempt to stop Salem’s master plan for revenge on America’s leaders. If you enjoy adventure stories filled with a mystery you’ll love Alpha Dogs.
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