ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE is LIVE on Kickstarter!!

ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE has LAUNCHED on Kickstarter! Co-created by writer and 2019 Mad Cave Studios Talent Search winner, Jarred Luján (Dry Foot, The Twin Blades) and artist Matt Harding (GWAR, Pop Apocalypse), with colors by Warnia Sahadewa (Dry Foot, Wolvenheart), and letters by Melanie Ujimori (She Said Destroy, Elements: Fire! Anthology) comes a 44-page, horror-infused, demon-slaughtering thrill ride through consciousness.

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Joe Morris is an elderly man diagnosed with dementia. As his illness worsened, Joe quickly exhibited signs of something more sinister plaguing him: a demon possessing his body. Juan-Carlos “JC” García, an exorcist mysteriously referred to as “The Eater,” is called in to assist the ailing Morris as his last true hope. However, all exorcisms require the aid and consent of the vessel, and Joe is in a sedated state. JC must enact a blood ritual, creating a shared consciousness between himself and Joe, if he is to have any chance of purging the demon.

But things quickly become more complicated for JC when discovers an evil far more powerful than he’s ever faced before. And now…it is in control. JC must brave the unholiest corners of this shared consciousness, fend off waves of the Infernal Horde, save Joe Morris, and come to terms with his own dark past.

All the Devils are Here is equal parts Inception and Constantine, set in the bizarre, bombastic world of SuckerPunch to tell a story about the power of love, loss, and memory.

“Much of this book is a memorial to my grandparents,” says Luján. “It has my heart on every page, and working alongside Matt to bring it to life has been one of the greatest creative experiences of my entire life. With Melanie and Nia in our corner, our team has created something full of heart and emotion and intensity.”

“[ATDAH] is possibly the most fun I’ve ever had working on a book. Every new page of script was wild from the first panel to the last, and the action had been some of most insane things I’ve ever gotten to draw,” Harding said. “Working with Jarred has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had- he brings excitement and energy and I can tell he loves making this comic just as much as I do, and that is a truly fun way to approach a project. I just hope I did an good job bringing such an amazing story to life with my artwork.”

Reward tiers include:

  • Script reviews by writer, Jarred Luján
  • Portfolio reviews and art commissions by artist, Matt Harding
  • An RPG one-shot set in the world of ATDAH
  • Dry Foot floppies/trades
  • Three covers to choose from
  • And plenty of chances to get Matt and Jarred’s previous books!

ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE is live on Kickstarter until Oct 16th.

ATTACHED: Cover A (Matt Harding/Warnia Sahadewa), several pages with no letters that you are welcome to share.


Writer/Co-creator – Jarred Luján (he/him) — @jarredlujan
Artist/Co-creator – Matt Harding (he/him) – @stilltsinc
Colorist – Warnia Sahadewa (she/her) – @wksahadewa1
Letterer – Melanie Ujimori (she/her) – @merumorimaru
Script Editor – Hernán Guarderas (he/him) – @hguarderas93
Art Editor – Sara Harding (she/her) – @bansheeriot

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