All hail the Queen! Queen MAEVE arrives this December

HOUSTON, TX — A heroic action adventure, set in an ancient Irish world 2000 years ago – a world controlled by courage, magic and myth – this is the world of Maeve: Rising Warrior, destined to become Ireland’s greatest female warrior and queen.

“I’ve always loved the story of Maeve. A strong-willed leader and powerful female character from history who speaks to us today. I studied Irish history in college and always liked storytelling,” Maeve creator Kevin Corcoran said.  “I got an education in storytelling from my time at ADV Films and Anime Network where we brought Japanese storytelling through “Anime” (animated movies and TV shows) and “Manga” (Japanese graphic novel series) to the United States market on DVD, TV and in book stores. I thought back then that there were a great many Irish stories too which had gone untold. Most are unknown to people outside of Ireland. I wanted to be a part of telling some of these stories. Now, having raised three daughters and approached a place in my life where I had some time to do so, I decided to start with the epic of Maeve.”

“We’ve been talking with Kevin about the adventures of Maeve,” Red 5 co-publisher Joshua Starnes said. “It was such a cool idea when he pitched it and to see all the elements he’s taken from Irish history and folklore coming together into a new take on one of the classic heroines of mythology is fantastic.”

In the past, Maeve’s story has been told by Irish monks and British historians largely as a supporting character to other heroes, but she is a heroic and noble character who lived as all great mythic heroes lived. This is the story of Maeve, the person. The girl who grew into a powerful woman, warrior and queen.

All hail the Queen this December from Red 5 Comics.

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