‘Neener Neener Neener!’ Available Exclusively at the City’s Landmark Attraction on October 19

ST LOUIS– Lion Forge Labs, creative agency and sister company of Lion Forge Comics, has partnered with The Magic House in St. Louis for Neener Neener Neener!

This adorable new comic, written by Paul Manchester with art by Lorenzo Lizana, tells the extraordinary tale of siblings Wisteria and Wilby Wiggins and their new alien friend. The three problem-solvers must try to stop some cute and mischievous visitors from another planet, known as the Neeners, from taking over The Magic House and causing complete chaos. The Wiggins siblings help save the Neeners using the scientific process, based on lessons they learned at the museum.

“Lion Forge Labs has created an endearing adventure book for young readers that helps bring The Magic House to life through the pages of the story. We are thrilled to be the setting for the out-of-this-world adventure,” said Beth Fitzgerald, President of The Magic House.

“You can’t imagine the fun we had attempting to take all of the adventures from our childhood visits to The Magic House and reimagining it with Wisteria, Wilby, and the Neeners,” says Carl Reed, Chief Creative Officer for Lion Forge. “I can’t wait to share these stories with my kids and all of the visitors, allowing them to take a little piece of The Magic House home with them.”

Neener Neener Neener! is a fun-filled read for parents and children alike. It’s the perfect companion to a visit to the beloved St. Louis institution where it will be exclusively available for sale starting October 19 for $9.99!

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