Alex Priest Vampire Hunter Urban Fantasy Graphic Novel Is On Kickstarter. Back It Today!

NEWSDESK (May 25th, 2021) – Popular graphic novel and comics creator Arledge Comics has released a Kickstarter Campaign for their new graphic novel comic series based on their popular protagonist — Alex Priest. This comic book series is an urban fantasy based on the vampire hunter Alex Priest who is on a mission to not just kill them but also to destroy them completely. This Kickstarter campaign has a target of $5000 and has a deadline of July 1, 2021, to meet the target and start printing the series. A greater target will help them print the comics in color with additional content and extend the fantastic series into a chronology.

The story of the protagonist — Alex Priest — is about keeping the family together. The story has been told valuing to do what is right no matter what and to learn everything possible from past mistakes. Oftentimes, the mistakes of the past resurface to write the future and tear asunder relationships and everything attached to it. Will Alex Priest get back with the loved one? Will Alex Priest be able to kill off the monstrous undead beings who are hell bent on enslaving the world by weaponizing ancient magic? Donate to the project today and find out when it releases!

“We have worked very hard on this. Alex Priest is a beloved character of Arledge  Comics and has garnered a lot of love, attention, and fandom over the years. Our illustrator Scott Malin, editor Natalie Cooper, letter writer David Rush, and cover artist Missy Peña have been amazing. So have other members of our team who have left no stone unturned to make Alex Priest Vampire Hunter a project worth chasing. We urge our fans and comic readers to help us meet the goal and stretch it so that we can present our project in an even better way with more offers and goodies. Alex Priest Vampire Hunter awaits your call”, said the writer of Alex Priest and founder of Arledge  Comics, Jordaan Arledge.

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