Aldous Spark: Meddler in History and Other Unsavory Affairs Volume 2

“It’s 1899. A secret war rages for control of the 20th Century. At the center of the conflict is Aldous Spark, a covert operative of the Black Moth Society, an underground collective of anarchists, saboteurs, and other deadly eccentrics. Together with his apprentice, Isaiah, Aldous wages a shadowy war against the institutions of power in an attempt to reshape the Industrial Age for the good of all. ”

Aldous Spark Interiour Page

Aldous Spark is a graphic novel by Peter Miriani & Andrew Maxwell that launched after a very successful Kickstarter in 2017. Well, good news for everyone that enjoyed the first volume as Peter Miriani launches Volume 2 on Kickstarter in March!

The Story So Far …

“In his quest to locate the Vatican’s Black Vault and retrieve the Devil’s Bible, Aldous Spark (covert operative of the Black Moth Society) undertook a risky mission to find The Heretic’s Papers. Together with his long-time ally, Ariceli, and his loyal assistant, Isaiah, Aldous set out on his mission and danger followed every step of the way. Assassins emerged from the shadows in an attempt to thwart Aldous’ every move. After an attempt was made on their lives, Aldous and Isaiah forged a dubious alliance with Marla, a self-serving master thief, and together they unearthed the Frasconi papers,  infiltrated the National Art Museum, rescued Ariceli, and eluded capture by the Vatican’s deadly Red Priests. Just as it looked as if they’d made their way to safety, Marla turned on our heroes and escaped with what she believed were the papers. Marla was wrong, however. Aldous had predicted the betrayal, switched the papers, and let her abscond with nothing more than a red herring. In the end, Aldous retained the papers and he and his friends were safe.”

“Soon afterward, however, Aldous received word that his sister, previously thought to be dead, was very much alive. And very much in danger.”

Aldous Spark Interiour Page

Aldous Spark Volume 2 …

“In ‘The Feast of The Unsoiled’ Aldous and Isaiah embark upon a frantic tour of Malta’s sinister underbelly as they race to rescue Aldous’ sister from a diabolical cult. On their journey, they stumble upon a mysterious unsolved murder, cross a fiendish fraternity of freakish killers, uncover a dastardly plot involving missing children, and square off with The Vatican’s Red Priests. Each altercation brings Aldous closer to the horrible truth about the fate of his sister and the true nature of the cult that holds her captive.”

Kickstarter Launches in March …

Look for this great second volume to launch March 3rd over on Kickstarter. A convenient link to the Kickstarter project page can be found HERE. Pop on over and sign up for notifications or to support the project. Once again, Volume 2 will be beautifully done in an 84-page hard-cover, oversized graphic novel showcasing the amazing talents of Mauricio Alvarez and Derek Dow. Great facial expressions with moody colours highlight the very detailed and professional artwork which thoroughly impressed me in the first book.

Title: Aldous Spark: Meddler in History and Other Unsavory Affairs Volume 2
Publisher: Grenade Fight Inc.
Writer: Peter Mirani
Artists: Mauricio Alvarez & Derek Dow
Letterer: Bernardo Brice

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