The rise of the newly returned, newly vampiric Al Capone has made himself known to the underworld, and his goal to once again become the unrivaled crime boss of Chicago is in full swing.

Who can stand in his way?

This project’s title comes close to telling you everything you need to know about it…
But there’s a lot more packed into this incredible issue!
Continues from Al Capone, Vampire #1 (which will be available in this campaign, too)!
Continues the storyline from Vampire, PA as well!
Includes a second, complete one-shot graphic novella, Dreaming With Mary Sutherland!
Illustrated by Brendon & Brian Fraim!
Colored by House Imagi!
Lettered by Mindy Lopkin!
Edited by Jason Odom
Produced by Michael Solof
Created & Written by J.C. Vaughn!

In VAMPIRE, PA: PITTSBURGH NOIR, we met Dean Marklin. Dean was fairly happy in his life as an above-average HVAC repair man in suburban Pittsburgh until he found out that his hometown, Dormont, was infested with vampires. In fact, they’d taken over his childhood favorite theater, the now-long-abandoned movie palace known as The Grand. What’s worse, at least according to Dean, was that he discovered he’s very good at killing vampires. Now he’s trying to keep up with his day job, maintain a new relationship, and rid Dormont of the undead, particularly the seductive Jocelyn…

In VAMPIRE, PA: BITE OUT OF CRIME #1, the story continued and added the newly-returned Al Capone to the mix, forcing Dean and company into an uneasy truce with Jocelyn.

In AL CAPONE, VAMPIRE #1 we saw the beginning of Big Al’s onslaught against both the gangs and the vampire underworld of Chicago. This issue (and this story) is highly accessible to new readers. While you’d get more out of it if you read its VPA predecessors, you don’t have to read them to understand what’s going on it the story.

Untouchables homage: Cover A by Brendon & Brian Fraim with colors by Wes Hartman


Cover B by James Nelms
Cover C by Brendon & Brian Fraim with colors by Wes Hartman
KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE: Cover E by Brendon & Brian Fraim with colors by Wes Hartman

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