Age of Comics: The Golden Years

The game is a medium light worker-placement board game in which you play the role of a fictional comic-book publishing company during the golden age of comics. The game has been illustrated by comic book artist Laura Guglielmo (Emma Wrong) and shows six special cards done by special guests such as: Elena Casagrande (Eisner for Black Widow), Giuseppe Camuncoli (Amazing Spiderman, Undiscovered Country, Darth Vader), Lisandro Estherren (Redneck, Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country), Riccardo Burchielli (DMZ), Gianluca Pagliarani (Wolfskin, Aetheric Mechanics),  and Francesco Biagini (Elric – The Balance Lost, Higher Earth).

Age of Comics: The Golden Years on Kickstarter

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