After Award-Winning Comic Creator Mike Baron’s Nexus Novel Was a Hit, Now He’s Launching a New Graphic Novel Florida Man

Comic book scribe and novelist Mike Baron just wrapped up a KickStarter for his Nexus prose novel. The two-time Eisner and Inkpot winner not only created the superhero Nexus and Badger, but his career as a comics writer is legendary, including lengthy runs on The Flash, Punisher, and even Star Wars.

Along with artist Steve Rude, Mike Baron first launched Nexus back in 1981 as a three-issue black and white comic book series that evolved into an ongoing series initially published by Capital Comics. In the new novel Nexus, the cosmic avenger faces Gourmando, a vast, alien entity that consumes civilizations and whose herald Gnosis swoops the cosmos on a silver board seeding worlds to make them edible. The novel is loosely based on a storyline he worked out with Steve Rude, which will be published next year by Dark Horse. However, this novel is different from the graphic novel, and covers Ylum and its colorful cast of characters in much greater depth.

For Mike Baron’s next project, he’s going back into comics, pulling inspiration from the pages of his best-selling novel Florida Man, which tells the story of a redneck and his girlfriend living in a trailer by the swamp. Florida Man launches as a crowdfunded graphic novel on Indiegogo this Friday. The graphic novel dives into the heart of many of those crazy adventures you’ve heard about in the news and in popular internet memes.Mike has enlisted up and coming artist Todd Mulrooney to handle the art chores, and the book is looking at a December release. There are also some surprises being planned for the project that should delight long-time fans of Mike Baron if the campaign is a hit. Baron has also enlisted Chris Braly the managing editor of a geek culture blog to handle the editing chores. Florida Man launches as a crowdfunded graphic novel on Indiegogo this Friday at noon est.

Baron is bringing back “funny books” with this one and the quintessential “Florida Man” is finally getting defined in all his outrageous glory from the heart of one of the most magical and bizarre states in America.

What critics are saying:


“Comic fans have long loved Nexus, and now Mike Baron’s Nexus novel brings his award-winning superhero to life in ways we haven’t seen before. Witty, profound, and deeply moving, this novel is serious science fiction.”—Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Dune: House Atreides


“This book is a crazy ride that follows the living embodiment of every Florida-man story I’ve ever heard. and then some. It’s full of laughs, but has heart. Mike’s writing style has an easy flow with a bit of gritty realism that reminds me of Elmore Leonard. I could easily see this book being picked up as a TV series for FX or Netflix. A fun and funny read.” Matt Strott, Amazon Reviewer


Nexus Novel Kickstarter Link:
Campaign ended Wednesday, June 10 2020 10:30am est

Florida Man Graphic Novel Indiegogo Link:
Campaign Launches Friday, June 12, 12:00pm est

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