Action Comics Fans Celebrate Mason’s 15th Anniversary

Fans of extreme action and violence comics are in for a treat this week; the 15th Anniversary Edition of the Mason: Sweet Sacrilege graphic novel, reprinted for the first time in full color and available from retailers on April 4th, 2018.

Mason first appeared in the winter of 2002 in the original first printing of Mason: Sweet Sacrilege, a black and white 22-page one-shot comic book self-published by creator Mike Gagnon.

One of Gagnon’s earliest works, in the years since its release the character and creator have both evolved and changed.

Gagnon’s character has become a symbol of violent action comics and a regular fixture in indie comics with short stories, cameos and a member of the independent superhero comics team, The Almighties (Co-Created by Sam Johnson of Geek Girl). Just as his character has endured, so has Gagnon.

Aside from working in film as both an actor and writer, Gagnon has also worked for industry giants such as Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Entertainment. Gagnon has amassed a number of credits with smaller publishers such as TwoMorrows, ComixTribe, Jack Lake Productions and his own self-published comics. He also became a bestselling author, with 7 Amazon bestsellers in fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels in 2017 alone.

“I can’t believe that this character has connected with fans and endured as long as it has. It’s a pleasant surprise,” said Gagnon in a recent interview. “I had always wanted to do this character as a bigger story and in color, but as a new comic creator, I just didn’t have the funding to do that at the time. It’s great to see it finally come out in full color for fans to enjoy.”

The story of Mason: Sweet Sacrilege revolves around the titular character and his belief in the code of honor between military veterans. When a fellow veteran is murdered by a branch of the Russian mob that uses a Las Vegas cathedral as a front for their criminal empire, Mason vows to protect the man’s surviving daughter with his life. The only way to stop a vendetta from the Bratva is to kill them first, even if it means a firefight that Mason himself may not walk away from alive.

The Mason: Sweet Sacrilege 15th Anniversary Special edition is a 58-page full-color graphic novel, featuring Mason’s original 22-page story, printed in color for the first time, as well as tons of additional stories and bonus materials from the last 15 years of Mason comics. The book features art from a variety of artists who have drawn the character over the years and features a new cover illustration by Gagnon himself.

Mason: Sweet Sacrilege The 15th Anniversary Special Edition is available from most fine book retailers and ebook vendors worldwide. Fans can ask for it at their local book retailer. Retailers can order copies of the book from Ingram Content Group Book Distributors using the ISBN 978-1-988369-22-8.

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