ABLAZE unleashes the ANGER in the next arc of GUNG-HO

Fans of The Walking Dead will be GUNG-HO for this latest addition to the thrilling tale of survival!

JANUARY 19, PORTLAND, OR – ABLAZE announced today plans to publish the next story arc in Benjamin von Eckartsberg and Thomas von Kummant’s epic series set in the near future where the “White Plague,” a violent and hyper aggressive species of deadly, white-furred creatures, has completely decimated humanity and civilization is only a bittersweet memory, titled GUNG-HO: ANGER, coming May 2021.

In the newest part of the acclaimed series, Archer has been banished from the colony, falsely condemned for the rape of Celine. But Zack doesn’t believe in his brother’s guilt, so a secret expedition is launched into the danger zone. The expedition will not be without risks though, nor without unpleasant surprises… Meanwhile, back at Fort Apache, confusion reigns and tensions are at an all-time high, as the adults look to safeguard the young and keep the colony intact. But with a “white wave” approaching—a big attack from the rippers—is it already too late?

This new arc comes hot on the heels of GUNG-HO: SEXY BEAST, with issue one of the highly anticipated mini-series in stores January 20th, 2021.

The GUNG-HO Vol 1 HC is also now available, and collects the first two storylines of the series, “Black Sheep” and “Short Circuit,” in a $24.99 182-pg collection, with complete cover gallery (ISBN: 1-950912-17-5).



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