Series from Spoiler Magazine founder Galaxy and Eisner nominated artist Ryan Benjamin charts a girl’s quest to survive and reunite with her family in a shattered new world.

Portland, OR – Comics and graphic novel publisher ABLAZE delivers a notable horror genre release with the print and digital debut of ALMOST DEAD on September 6th.

Arriving in plenty of time for Halloween, ALMOST DEAD is an intriguing post-apocalyptic horror drama adventure about triumph, growth and the resiliency of the human spirit brought to you by writer and Comic Con Radio / Spoiler Magazine founder, Galaxy, and the Eisner-nominated artist, Ryan Benjamin (Batman Beyond, Star Wars, Xmen, Grifter), which redefines the genre, with a cinematic approach and strong attention to detail.

ALMOST DEAD Issue 1, story by Galaxy, artwork by Ryan Benjamin
• SRP: $3.99 • Available September 6th

Somewhere between pure exhilaration and sheer terror is Almost Dead!

After having an accident on her way home to visit her family, Sara Walker awakens to find that the world has changed. Now she must
travel up the Eastern Seaboard, using suppressed survival skills she learned as a child, in hopes of reuniting with her loved ones during
a viral pandemic that has turned humans into monsters. Set in 2005, Sara unites with old acquaintances and new friends along the
way, and her struggle to survive will be both an unexpectedly exciting journey and an absolute horror.

Relentlessly vicious, Almost Dead isn’t a typical apocalyptic story. It adeptly weaves conspiracy with historical flashbacks and shows how perhaps everything we’ve learned in textbooks has been altered over time.

ABLAZE Launches Post Apocalyptic Comic Book Series ALMOST DEAD Page 2 “ALMOST DEAD is a story of triumph and the will to survive,” says writer/creator Galaxy. “It’s also about family and new friends and overcoming obstacles. Most of all, it’s a very serious and realistic story. Having survived the Covid pandemic, humanity has a sense that anything can happen. Catastrophic possibilities are no longer purely theoretical and that presents many intriguing opportunities for me to explore with this story and its characters.”

“The realism of ALMOST DEAD is what makes it so scary…and compelling,” says ABLAZE cofounder, Rich Young. “Humanity’s will to survive is indomitable and ALMOST DEAD’s story premise and characters are extremely relatable and inspiring. Galaxy and Ryan Benjamin have created a tale that will leave a lasting impression on readers, and we look forward to them discovering this new series from ABLAZE.”

ABLAZE titles are distributed in-print worldwide by Diamond Comic and Diamond Book Distributors. Digital versions of ABLAZE titles are available via most major digital platforms.

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