MARSHAL BASS, Vol. 1, written by Darko Macan, art by Igor Kordey · SRP: $19.99 · 165 Pages · ISBN: 978-1684972418 · Available June 12th

Set in the tumultuous aftermath of the American Civil War, River Bass is drawn into a career path he’d never expected: law enforcement. While he accepts the badge with an eye towards equality and justice, will the cruelty of the world allow him these ideals? MARSHAL BASS Vol. 1 contains three intertwined adventures:

First, when a gang earns the attention of the US Marshal Service, River Bass is recruited by Colonel Helena to infiltrate their ranks. While trying to keep his cover and accomplish his mission, he’s confronted by the reality of the gang members’ individual circumstances, goals, and outcomes, all weighed against his future as a US Marshal.

Next, an investigation of a serial murderer goes awry when Marshal Bass confronts more killers than he bargained for…a whole family of killers, in fact! Further, while trying to escape desperate circumstances, he finds himself drawn to the daughter of the murderous clan.

Then, when one of their daughters runs off with a young man, Bass is pressed by his wife to find her and bring her home, but the job becomes more complicated when the man in question becomes a murderer. Further, this man without a name may have greater ties to Bass than initially assumed…

THE PRISM VOL. 1: BURN, story and art by Matteo DeLongis · SRP: $19.99 · 200 Pages · ISBN: 978-1684972425 · Available May 15th
FNoise pollution is crushing life on earth. The largest mega-corporation on the planet finances a crazy project called The P.R.I.S.M. (Purifying Recording Interplanetary Space Mission) to combat the phenomenon: sending a musical supergroup into space to record an album that will produce sounds able to push back the threat known as S.O.T.W. (Smoke on the Water) and save the planet. Where rock’n’roll excess and the survival of all life on Earth collide, there is…THE PRISM!

Creator Matteo De Longis (Avengers: The Initiative, Sky Doll Space Ship) takes a far-out premise and builds a visually stunning and convincing new world that will have you mesmerized, telling the story about man’s greatest feat in space so far. THE PRISM is destined to become your favorite new series featuring your favorite new band! The PRISM Vol. 1 collects the first arc of the hit series, including cover gallery and bonus material.

THE IDHUN CHRONICLES VOL. 1-2 COLLECTED SET, story by Laura Gallego and Andrés Carrión Moratinos, art by Studio Fenix · SRP: $19.99 · 256 Pages · ISBN: 978-1684973071 · Available May 15th
An orphaned boy struggles against his parents’ killer to save a planet and discovers a new world of danger…and wonder. Jack, a teenager from Earth, has a dire premonition: something is wrong. However, he cannot imagine the change he will experience in his life when he arrives home one day to discover his parents have been killed. During his sudden grief, he’s transported by two mysterious strangers to a magical world.

Together with Victoria, a girl he has just met, he will start a journey of unexpected proportions. Their fate will be inexorably linked to the Resistance, a small group fighting for the freedom of a world called Idhun. Will he be able to restore the lost peace?

In this specially priced collected set, get two volumes of a story that mixes adventure, magic, and love, illustrating values such as overcoming difficulties, courage, and unconditional friendship.

ABLAZE CREATOR SPOTLIGHT COLLECTED SET – JP ROTH, story by JP Roth, art by Mike Krome, Dawn Mcteigue, Sabine Rich, and Sabine Rich · SRP: $27.99 · 304 Pages · ISBN: 978-1684973064 · Available May 15th

JP Roth is an American novelist and owner of Rothic Comics, founded in 2012, through which she has produced and published five of her original series.

In ANCIENT DREAMS, Cara Wynter is a literature student living with her twin sister, Lily, in Fairhaven, Washington. A daughter of witches, touch brings Cara only pain, and dark visions of pasts and futures she can rarely change. Already fighting to exist in her strange reality, she begins to crumble when the reoccurring dreams of her own death begin. In a desperate attempt to unlock the secrets in the violent images, she finds herself lost in a contest between love and the will of the ancient gods.

In THEORY OF MAGIC, every hundred years, a Seelie fairy must be human for three days, in that time, the Unseelie can hunt the Seelie Fey for their immortal flame, and the gods would close their eyes. A princess of firelight and next in line for the Seelie throne, Selyara is a girl who wants only freedom. Given no protection, she must face three days as a human, alone.

SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HARLOCK COLLECTIBLE VIRGIN COVER PACK, story by Jerome Alquie, Leiji Matsumoto, and Marco B. Bucci, art by Jerome Alquie · SRP: $19.99 · 192 Pages ·

ISBN: 978-1684973095 · Available May 15th

From the legendary Leiji Matsumoto, along with Jerome Alquie, comes an epic new story! Set within the timeline of the original series, this brand-new Captain Harlock adventure marks the beginning of a new story arc. This special collection gathers Harlock’s newest adventure in a series of select virgin variant covers, capturing key characters and highlights from this exciting tale illustrated by some of the comics world’s hottest names! Limited to 500 copies.

New May, June, and July 2024 issues/volumes for continuing ABLAZE titles:

TORPEDO 1972 Issue 3, story by Enrique Sánchez Abulí, art by Eduardo Risso · SRP: $3.99 · Available May 8th

When an injury leaves Rascal…(a-hem)…indisposed, Torpedo takes him for a cure and runs into an old acquaintance, the madam Lou. She has a request of him: kill the cop who’s swindling her.

ALMOST DEAD Issue 6, story by Galaxy, art by Rodrigo Zayas ·

SRP: $3.99 · Available May 29th

After recovering from a showdown that nearly cost the group their lives, Sara wastes no time on rest and pushes onwards toward the big city. When they encounter another tragic ordeal, a young woman on the brink of death joins their party, though an open wound necessitates medical treatment. Fortunately, the collective stumbles upon a pristine, operational clinic…with no one in sight. Wary of trusting a situation that’s too good to be true, the group splits up to survey the interior. When a rendezvous finds a few of their number missing, they must face the dreadful possibilities…

GANNIBAL, VOL. 4, story and art by Masaaki Ninomiya · SRP: $12.99 · 200 Pages · ISBN: 978-1684972784 · Available July 17th

GANNIBAL, the thrilling and terrifying manga horror series by Masaaki Ninomiya, continues…

The antagonism between the villagers and Daigo worsens as the days pass. His ongoing investigation of cannibalism within the village leads him to further conflict, and Daigo comes to crossroads in which he’ll have to decide. Will he leave the village to minimize the risk to his family, or will he be spurred towards another confrontation with the Goto clan? Stream Season One of the Gannibal TV series on Hulu/Disney+ now!

WAKFU MANGA Vol. 4: THE WANDERING OF THE ELIATROPES, story by Tot and Azra, art by Said Sassine · SRP: $12.99 · 184 Pages · ISBN: 978-1684972722 · Available June 12th

The story of the Eliatropes’ exodus is revealed to Yugo and his friends. Having reached Zinit, they hope to track down the Eliatrope Dofus, which they need to pay as ransom in order to free their kidnapped friends. But much to their surprise, the Dofus have disappeared from the World of Twelve! Only one option remains: to visit Drill, the guardian of Chibi and Grougal’s Dofus, and try to find out what happened.

The adventures of the Brotherhood of the Tofu continue! See the heroes of WAKFU ride again in the brand-new manga series written by Tot, the creator of WAKFU & DOFUS! In a story that directly follows season 2 of the TV series.

WITCH OF MINE Vol. 4, story by Haeyoon, art by MAS · SRP: $19.99 · 264 Pages · ISBN: 978-1684972739 · Available June 12th

The tragic fairytale that began the cycle of Witch of Mine comes to a close in this final volume. Lily, Phillippa’s familiar, has been left alone in the world after the disappearance of her mistress. She finds shelter and care in the form of a human, Ian, but she’s haunted by the memories of her past. Despite their respective fears about love and each other, Lily and Ian grow close, but their chance at peace and happiness may yet be in peril as Colin’s fate circles around once more.

IMMORTAL REGIS OMNIBUS, VOL. 3, story by On-bi Ga and art by Juder · SRP: $19.99 · 400 Pages · ISBN: 978-1684972623 · Available May 15th

When a young high school student died because of an evil witch, he had no way to know it would be just the beginning of his adventures. Now immortal and undead, he will quickly have to leave our world for that of Chaos, a parallel universe where magic reigns. Enter the world of Immortal Regis.

Collecting volumes 5 and 6 of the critically acclaimed, action-fantasy manhwa, follow the continuing story of Jaehyuk as he navigates the world of Chaos, harnessing his new power in a struggle to return to his world

SAVAGE GARDEN OMNIBUS, VOL. 3, story and art by Hyeon-sook Lee · SRP: $29.99 · 600 Pages · ISBN: 978-1684972630 ·

Available May 15th

When “Gabriel” unexpectedly becomes the reason for an argument between Arron and Marianne, one of the trio begins a quest towards starting a new life. That same night, a tragic accident occurs on the estate. Meanwhile, Euan has an unusual proposal for his father, which the patriarch of the Kensington family may be forced to accept…

Savage Garden is a shojo fantasy that carries an eerie and mysterious ambiance, with captivating characters and an art style that perfectly portrays the period setting. A dark, gender-bending tale with a romantic triangle that will keep you intrigued ‘til the end. Collecting the final three Korean volumes —volumes 5, 6, and 7— into English for the first time.

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