THE BOOGYMAN TP, by Mathieu Salvia and Djet · MSRP: $19.99 · 184 Pages · ISBN: 978-1-68497-127-5 · Available April 12th

Monsters don’t only exist in children’s minds…

Passionate about reading, Elliott has always preferred the stories of boogymen, those monstrous creatures which, at night, hide in the shadows or under the bed to frighten little children. He can’t imagine how much they will change his life… Witnessing the bloody murder of his parents, he will discover that boogymen do indeed exist, and very precise codes govern their existence. When one of the most powerful boogymen, Father Death, decides to protect him, Elliott finds himself plunged into a terrible conflict at the heart of a universe as terrifying as it is fascinating. On a dark, stormy night, Elliott’s destiny will be fulfilled…

This definitive edition collects the 6-issue critically acclaimed series and includes a cover gallery and bonus material.

SAVAGE GARDEN Omnibus Vol. 1, by Hyeon-Sook Lee · MSRP: $19.99 · 400 Pages · ISBN: 978-1-68497-109-1 · Available April 12th

In 18th century England, Gabriel, an orphan girl from a fallen noble family, befriends a young man named Jeremy, who was rumored to be an illegitimate child of a nobleman. After an incident occurs, Gabriel must impersonate her friend Jeremy, taking his place at an all-boys academy for nobles, a place that may seem like heaven to others, but hides a harshness and brutality which she could never have imagined.

IMMORTAL REGIS Omnibus Vol. 1, story by Gaonbi , art by Juder · MSRP: $19.99 · 400 Pages · ISBN: 978-1-68497-108-4 · Available April 12th

When Régis, a young high school student, dies because of an evil witch, he didn’t know it would be just the beginning of his adventures. Now immortal and undead, he will quickly have to leave our world for that of Chaos, a parallel universe where magic reigns. Enter the world of Immortal Regis.

Collecting the first two volumes of the critically acclaimed supernatural fantasy action manhwa series! The stunning artwork, thrilling story and charismatic characters of this shonen-style title make this Korean bestseller a work that is sure to find a wide audience in English.


FAR CRY: ESPERANZA’S TEARS TP Edition, by Mathieu Mariolle, Afif Khaled & Salaheddine Basti · MSRP: $16.99 · 120 Pages ·

ISBN: 978-1-68497-110-7 · Available March 15th 

For Juan Cortez, guerrilla warfare is a profession. Death, a hobby. Over the years, he’s traveled from countries at war to conflict zones, putting his experience and training at the service of the highest bidder. This time, fate led him to Santa Costa, a South American country that curiously reminds him of Yara, his native land. Because here, as on the island of Antón Castillo, the recent discovery of a rare resource, a mineral called “Tantalum,” has upset the economy of a small nation previously ignored.

Three camps now face each other: the military junta recently established in power by Di Stefano, the bourgeois party led by the daughter of the assassinated former leader, and a revolutionary group, defender of labor and indigenous rights. It was the latter, guided by their leader Max Purillo, who called on Juan’s talents. And for him, it’s blessed bread. A nascent guerrilla, a troubled period politically, and above all: money. A lot of money. To save the country, he is asked to strike a blow by assassinating General Di Stefano. But of course, nothing will go as planned… Collection includes the 4-issue series plus cover gallery and bonus material.

New March 2023 issues for continuing ABLAZE titles:    

CHILDREN OF THE BLACK SUN, Issue 3, by Dario Sicchio and Letizia Cadonici · MSRP: $3.99 · Available March 8th 

“It is not difficult to be happy under a blue sky. But it takes a lot of courage to be strong even under a black sun.”

The older children of the black sun continue to initiate their younger counterparts into their way of thinking and incorporate them into their plan for Brightvale. But even before all the elements of what they have in store are revealed, the town’s descent into madness is already taking hold and turning the world on its head.

FAMILY TIME, Issue 4, by Lily Windom, Robert Windom, and Asiah Fulmore · MSRP: $3.99 · Available March 15th 

The first miniseries about the O’Connell family’s travels through time comes to a dramatic conclusion. Lily must confront Ciaran to save her family and friends.  Time is running out for them to return to the present!  And as a special bonus, issue four contains 40 story and art pages for the same price!

Robert Windom, the writer/creator of Seven Sons, and his eleven-year-old daughter, Lily, bring you a fun, fantasy adventure, featuring Art Direction by Eisner-Award winning artist Sanford Greene (Bitter Root) and anime-inspired interior art by new talent and Greene-protege Asiah Fulmore (DC’s Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld).

TRAVELING TO MARS, Issue 5, by Mark Russell and Roberto Meli · MSRP: $3.99 · Available March 22nd  

From the Eisner-winning writer, Mark Russell, TRAVELING TO MARS tells the story of former pet store manager Roy Livingston, the first human to ever set foot on Mars. Roy was chosen for the unlikely mission for one simple reason: he is terminally ill and has no expectation of returning. In the latest issue, Roy reminisces on the greatest big mouth bass who ever lived and discovers that he is not alone in space.







LOVECRAFT: UNKNOWN KADATH, Issue 7, by HP Lovecraft, Florentino Flórez, Guillermo Sanna and Jacques Salomon · MSRP: $3.99 · Available March 29th 

Randolph Carter’s quest leads him even deeper into the Dreamlands and to the city of Sarkomand. But what he sees there may make him want to finally return to the waking world. Can he hang on just a bit longer to reach Kadath and the end of his quest or will the nightmares he faces bring him to the brink of madness? As a bonus, the latest issue also includes the original prose story!

ABLAZE titles are distributed in-print worldwide by Diamond Comic and Diamond Book Distributors. Digital versions of ABLAZE titles are available via most major digital platforms.

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