TRESE: THE ART OF THE ANIME: STANDARD EDITION & DELUXE EDITION, written by Budjette Tan, Tanya Yuson, and Jay Oliva, art by Kajo Baldisimo and Jojo Aguilar ·  Standard Edition SRP: $39.99 / Deluxe Editon SRP: $99.00 · 200 Pages · ISBN: 978-1684970841· Available April 17, 2024 

When the sun sets in the city of Manila, don’t you dare make a wrong turn and end up in that dimly- lit side of the metro, where blood-sucking aswang run the most-wanted kidnapping rings, where gigantic kapre are the kingpins of crime, and magical engkantos slip through the cracks and steal your most precious possessions. When crime takes a turn for the weird, the police call Alexandra Trese. The Deluxe Edition is signed by creative team and features a collective slipcase and limited-edition poster.

The book features sections on:

  • The origins of the comic, and its creators Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo
  • The story of the producers at BASE Entertainment, Tanya Yuson and Shanty Harmayn and their pitching and landing deal with Netflix
  • A look at the TRESE animation studio, Lex + Otis, including director Jay Olivia
  • The creative development process of bringing the comics to animation, including writing scripts, creating the characters and backgrounds, and more
  • The development of the Voice Talent who worked on TRESE
  • Storyboards and finished stills and frames art from the series
  • Photos and behind the scenes info, including a look at “TRESE AFTER DARK”

an interview show with the key talent involved in producing the animation.

  • Fan responses – art, memes & more

THE AWL, VOL. 2, story and art by Gyu-seok Choi · SRP: $14.99 · 224 Pages · ISBN: 978-1684972326 · Available March 13, 2024   

In the face of corporate greed and reprehensible actions, a bond of respect has formed between young executive Yi Su-in and union activist Gu Go-sin. Seeing what his employers are capable of, Yi joins Gu in trying to establish a union for the company’s employees. But despite the unacceptable working conditions, the workers are reluctant to go through with it…until they witness a shocking situation involving one of their fellow employees. 


GANNIBAL, VOL. 3, story and art by Masaaki Ninomiya · 

SRP: $12.99 · 200 pages · Available May 15, 2024

“There are too many stillborn babies in this village.”

Officer Daigo Agawa continues to delve into the mysteries of Kuge Village, now increasingly aware of its dark underbelly. While he still longs to find a new and safe life for his family, the loosening lips of the villagers cause to take another sharp turn. One woman opens up to him about the kidnapping of her young infant…

THE MINECRAFT-INSPIRED ADVENTURES OF FRIGIEL & FLUFFY VOL. 1-5 BOX SET, story by Frigiel and Jean-Christophe Derrien, art by Minte · SRP: $49.99 · 500 Pages ·

ISBN: 978-1684972234 · Available February 28th 

Featuring Frigiel, the brave sorcerer’s apprentice, ever ready to give his all for his friends, who dreams of one day becoming a true adventurer. And his faithful canine companion Fluffy, as cuddly with his master as he is bitey with the bad guys!


The Minecraft-Inspired Misadventures of Frigiel & Fluffy Vol 1-5 Box Set contains 5 HC volumes of the popular series, collecting them into a sturdy and stylish box set compilation. Each volume contains 2 complete stories, 10 stories in all. Plus, a folded bonus poster!


THE OLD GEEZERS COLLECTED SET, story by Wilfrid Lupano, art by Paul Cauuet · SRP: $34.99 · 272 Pages · ISBN: 978-1684972265 · Available February 21st

THE OLD GEEZERS series tells the story of three septuagenarians who have been friends since childhood: Antoine, Emile, and Pierrot. They have each taken different paths in life, made different choices, and started (or not) their own families. The series moves back and forth between the 50s and the present day, telling the tragic-comic tale of our time, with all of its social, political, and cultural upheavals!

Beautifully written and gorgeously illustrated, The Old Geezers features four complete stories split between its two volumes: “Alive and Still Kicking,” “Bonny and Pierrot,” “The One Who Got Away,” and “The Magician.” Plus, bonus material that takes you behind the scenes of the comic’s creation!

Filled with tales of a changing world from the perspective of those who’ve borne witness, The Old Geezers is an international bestseller, regularly topping the graphic novel bestseller lists across Europe — with hundreds of thousands of copies sold. Come find out why the Geezers have won the hearts and minds of so many with this special two-book deal!

ABLAZE ARTIST SPOTLIGHT COLLECTED SET – BASTIEN VIVÈS, written by Bastien Vivès, art by Bastien Vivès · SRP: $34.99 · 424 Pages · ISBN: 978-1684972661 · Available February 14th

With ABLAZE’s BASTIEN VIVES collection, readers receive two hardcover volumes that speak to the artist’s mastery of poignance, tenderness, and expression.

In A SISTER: Antoine, 13 years old, is on holiday at the seaside with his parents and his younger brother, Titi. Both spend most of their time drawing, at restaurants and on the beach. One night, Antoine discovers another person lying in their bedroom. Hélène is 16 years old; she and her mother came to spend a few days and her presence and behavior will change Antoine’s life.

In THE BLOUSE: Séverine, a student of Classical Literature, is neither beautiful, ugly, brilliant, nor mediocre. The young woman lives a banal existence, without brilliance but without drama, alongside a companion who pays her less attention than a television series or video game. One day, however, she is given a silk blouse that will mysteriously change her life…


THE AGENT, Issue 4, story by Mathieu Gabella, art by Fernando Dagnino ·  SRP: $3.99 · Available February 14th

Newly introduced to the hidden and gritty world of magic, Rhym is introduced to her support team and her new mission. Various magic traditions collide, harnessed for purposes foul and just. She and Sebastian are now on the hunt… or is something hunting them instead?


THE PRISM, Issue 5, story and art by Matteo De Longis ·  SRP: $3.99 · Available February 21st 

The PRISM, the band that’s going to prevent environmental extinction, has composed their first single AND landed on the moon! Now that they’re a little closer to becoming the ultimate in Harmonic Defense, they can’t start slacking on giving the people what they want. It’s time for the denizens of the solar system to meet their saviors!



SAINT SEIYA: KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC – TIME ODYSSEY, VOL. 5, story by Jerome Alquié, Arnaud Dollen, and Masami Kurumada, art by Jerome Alquié ·  SRP: $3.99 · Available February 28th

The struggle between The Knights of the Zodiac and the minions of Chronos continues! Shun is made to face down another mysterious and determined foe who desires the secrets and power of his Andromeda Chain! In the end, what will win out, his gentle soul or his crushingly powerful potential?

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac original CG anime streaming on Netflix now!

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