Catch the new all-ages adventure, FAMILY TIME, advance solicits for famed Italian creator Zerocalcare’s TENTICLES AT MY THROAT and the collected edition of BÊLIT & VALERIA; also enjoy latest issues of TRAVELING TO MARS, FAR CRY: ESPERANZA’S TEARS, LOVECRAFT: UNKNOWN KADATH and THE BOOGYMAN

Portland, OR – Comics and graphic novel publisher ABLAZE wraps up 2022 with a bevy of new releases for December that include new series launches, advance solicitations for a pair of notable January titles, and the latest issues of 4 continuing series.

ABLAZE delivers the launch of FAMILY TIME on December 7th. From the writer/creator of Image Comics Seven Sons, Robert Windom, and his eleven-year-old daughter, Lily, comes this fun, all- ages fantasy adventure. Featuring covers by Jae Lee, as well as Art Direction and cover art by Sanford Greene (Bitter Root), both Eisner-Award winning artists, and anime-inspired interior art by new talent and Greene-protégé, Asiah Fulmore (DC’s Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld).

Next comes the advance solicitation for the January 2023 release of ZEROCALCARE’S TENTACLES AT MY THROAT, the famed Italian creator, Zerocalcare’s second graphic novel, the one that made him stand out as an intelligent, delicate, merciless narrator when it comes to describing his own weaknesses, which could in fact be everyone’s. An honest, touching, intense story with a bit of Stand By Me thrown in for good measure, it’s the book that launched his career. The book has been repeatedly reprinted since its initial release, surpassing sales of

120,000 copies. Zerocalcare’s original animated series “Tear Along the Dotted Line” debuted on Netflix WORLDWIDE November 17, 2021. Season Two is currently in production!

Sexy swordplay and Hyborian unrestrained violence follows with the advance solicitation for the January 2023 release of BELIT & VALERIA: SWORDS VS SORCERY, a new collected edition featuring the hit 5-issue series by Max Bemis and Rodney Buchemi, a complete cover gallery, plus as a bonus, creator Robert E. Howard prose pieces featuring the first appearance of the deadly and sexy adventurers, Bêlit and Valeria, and the origin of the Hyborian Age!

Additional notable ABLAZE releases for December also feature new issues of several continuing series including Eisner winner Mark Russell’s ironic sci-fi adventure, TRAVELING TO MARS (Issue 2), the video game inspired FAR CRY: ESPERANZA’S TEARS (Issue 3), along with LOVECRAFT:

UNKNOWN KADATH (Issue 4), an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, and THE BOOGYMAN (Issue 4), writer Mathieu Salvia and artist, Djet’s reinvention of childhood in a tender horror story with an initiatory journey of mourning and the acceptance of fear.

FAMILY TIME, Issue 1 • MSRP: $3.99 • Available December 7th

The O’Connell family (Lily – age 13; Tyler – age 11; and their parents) are vacationing in Ireland when they encounter an old man with a mysterious crystal that seemingly teleports them 1,000 years back in time. Unsure whether they have stumbled into a historical re- enactment, the family must befriend Rory, a timid local, battle a medieval tyrant named Ciaran and his henchmen, and figure out how

to get back to the present, while Lily learns to use her newfound superpowers.


January 18th, 2023

Tentacles at My Throat is a coming-of-age story set in three different moments of Zerocalcare’s life: primary school, junior high, and his adult life. It is a complete story told in three parts; three moments that have in common that all-too-familiar feeling of having tentacles at one’s throat.

Three friends, their schoolgrounds, and a secret. And fifteen years later, the discovery that they all thought there was only one secret, but each had their own. And there was one more, bigger than the others, that none were aware of.


Available January 18th, 2023

Robert E. Howard’s Hyboria UNLEASHED! See its true nature, its unrestrained violence and sexuality!

Rising from a watery grave, Bêlit once again finds herself commanding a ship, sailing the seas in search of adventure…and answers. But when a deal goes wrong, she finds herself teamed up with the woman she was holding prisoner: the equally beautiful and deadly Valeria.

These two iconic characters will find themselves traveling together on a mission to find out how

Bêlit lives once again that will lead them straight into danger…from the gods themselves!

Collected edition includes the hit 5 issue series, complete cover gallery, plus as a bonus, contains creator Robert E. Howard prose featuring first appearance of Bêlit, Valeria, and the origin of the Hyborian Age!

New December 2022 issues for continuing ABLAZE titles:

TRAVELING TO MARS, Issue 2 • MSRP: $3.99 • Available December 7th Roy says his final farewells to his family and braces for life aboard a spacecraft. But as he heads out on a one-way mission to Mars, he’s not alone. Befriended by his two robotic companions, do they know something about his fate that he does not?


Available December 14th

When Juan’s mission doesn’t quite go as planned, escaping the situation is one thing, but escaping his past is another. He will have to live through his memories of the Esperanza from his younger years with a little help from the Esperanza in Santa Costa to keep him alive and stay on target.

LOVECRAFT: UNKNOWN KADATH, Issue 4 • MSRP: $3.99 • Available

December 14th

An adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

unlike anything you’ve read before.

His fondness for cats may prove to be the only thing that can save Randolph Carter from the increasing number of nightmare creatures that are not only trying to prevent him from reaching Kadath but keep him permanently trapped in their hellish environs. And once his feline friends intervene, he finds himself yet again on his journey, not knowing which humans he can trust. As a bonus, also includes the original prose story!

THE BOOGYMAN, Issue 4 • MSRP: $3.99 • Available December 21st

Monsters don’t only exist in children’s imaginations…

After being pursued through the city streets, Elliott has some questions about who Father Death really is and how they came to be together. And while the answers may quench the boy’s curiosity, it doesn’t make

him or his protector any safer from the increasing number of boogymen hot on their tails!

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