ABLAZE proudly expands its catalog of manga by the legendary Osamu Tezuka with a special advance solicitation for NEO FAUST ahead of its November print and digital debut under the ABLAZE MANGA imprint.

New August debuts include THE CIMMERIAN COLLECTIBLE VIRGIN COVER PACK #2, the second release collecting select variant covers from THE CIMMERIAN featuring key characters and highlights from this no-holds-barred adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s tales illustrated by some of the comics world’s hottest names. Limited to 500 copies.

ABLAZE also highlights the wide variety of genres and fantastic works within its catalog with the ABLAZE SPOTLIGHT ON FANTASY SET, which includes two comic titles – The Fairy Universe and The Dragon Universe – bundled together with a specially discounted price.

Manhwa and manga fans will not want to miss a pair of special ABLAZE SPOTLIGHT ON MANHWA SETS. The first set highlights action / adventure with a bundled release of the opening volumes of HEAVENLY DEMON REBORN, FIGHT CLASS 3and the IMMORTAL REGIS OMNIBUS, bundled together under a specially discounted price.  A second SPOTLIGHT ON MANHWA SET highlights fantasy / romance with the opening volumes of WITCH OF MINE, SAVAGE GARDEN and THE RESTORER’S HOME OMNIBUS – bundled together with a specially discounted price.

New August 2024 issues/volumes for continuing ABLAZE title include the latest additions for TORPEDO 1972 (Issue 6) along with a solicitation for the September manhwa debut of THE AWL (Vol. 4) and a pair or special advance soliciations for November for manhwa debuts of TERROR MAN (Vol. 4) and GET SCHOOLED (Vol. 5).

NEO FAUST, story and art by Osamu Tezuka · SRP: $19.99 · 416 Pages · For Teen Readers 16+ ·ISBN: 9781684973132 · Available November 13th 

After years of failure to discover the meaning of the universe, Professor Ichinoseki decides to end his own life, but he is interrupted by the sorceress Mephist. They strike a bargain: in exchange for Ichinoseki’s soul, Mephist will grant his wish for a fulfilled life…

Originally published over the course of 1988, NEO FAUST is the final of three adaptations of the classical Faust legend by “The Godfather of Manga,” Osamu Tezuka, which ABLAZE is proud to present in English for the first time.

THE CIMMERIAN COLLECTIBLE VIRGIN COVER PACK #2, story by Robert E. Howard and Various Authors, art by Various Artists · SRP: $19.99 · 6 comics, 32 pages each · For Mature Readers 16+ · ISBN: 9781684973491·Available August 28th  

For the first time, Robert E. Howard’s Conan is brought to life uncensored! Discover the true Conan, unrestrained, violent, and sexual. This special collection of select virgin variant covers from the Cimmerian series captures key characters and highlights from this no-holds-barred adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s tales illustrated by some of the comics world’s hottest names! Limited to only 500 copies! 

Featuring covers by:

Clara Tessier (Beyond the Black River #1)

Richard Pace (Beyond the Black River #2)

Vance Kelly (The Frost-Giant’s Daughter #3)

Werther Dell’Edera (Hour of the Dragon #2)

Brian Level (Iron Shadows in the Moon #1)

Christian Dibari (Iron Shadows in the Moon #3)

Bonus! Dan Panosian

ABLAZE SPOTLIGHT ON FANTASY SET, story by various writers); Olivier Ledroit (The Dragon Universe), Laurent Souille (The Fairy Universe), art by various (The Dragon Universe); Olivier Ledroit (The Fairy Universe) · SRP: $45.99 · 198 Pages (The Dragon Universe), 136 Pages (The Fairy Universe) · For Teen Readers 16+ · ISBN: 9781684973507 · Available August 28th  

In THE DRAGON UNIVERSE: Dragons reign above the eternal snows or in the depths of the abyss… They are marvelous, magical, malicious creatures… But where do these winged creatures with sparkling scales and fearsome claws come from? This collection of illustrations on the theme of dragons brings together the best illustrators and comic book authors from around the world, from John Howe (The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia), to Todd Lockwood (Dungeons & Dragons), Olivier Ledroit (Chronicles of the Black Moon), Adrian Smith (Warhammer), and more… They’ve pooled their talents in a Tolkien-style universe where dragons coexist alongside other fantasy races, resulting in this illustrated encyclopedia, which combines an extraordinary history of dragons, with gorgeous, fully painted art that captures every majestic and fearsome detail of these wonderful, scaly behemoths!

In THE FAIRY UNIVERSE: Our world is made up of mysterious and elusive spirits: the Elves and the Faes. Once we accept this evidence, we still have to recognize them, approach them, and sometimes be wary of them… It took our illustrator all his dexterity to be able to approach them, sketch them, and give us this guide to the most remarkable Faes and Elves. The Fairy Universe offers the reader the keys to this magical and poetic world through hundreds of drawings by renowned artist Olivier Ledroit, laid over double-page spreads in stunning watercolor and pencil, with illuminating words by Olivier and Laurent Souille. A MUST for illustration geeks and fantasy fans alike!

, story by various O’Emperor (Heavenly Demon Reborn), Lee Hak (Fight Class 3), Ga On-Bi (Immortal Regis), art by various Gom-Guk (Heavenly Demon Reborn), Lee Hak (Fight Class), Juder (Immortal Regis) · SRP: $48.99 ·330 Pages · For Teen Readers 16+ · ISBN: 9781684973514 · Available August 28th  

In HEAVENLY DEMON REBORN Vol. 1: In an ancient world where martial artists reign supreme, Unseong can only watch as his master is brutally beaten to death after a false accusation of practicing forbidden demonic arts. Even after a valiant fight, he fails to kill those responsible and faces his own end. But fate has other plans… Instead of taking his last breath, he awakens as a child, training to be an elite soldier of a demonic sect. Now Unseong must embrace the demonic arts and harness power in his ultimate quest for revenge.

In FIGHT CLASS 3 Vol. 1: In an imaginary world where Korea is one of the world’s leading nations in martial arts, its government encourages high schools to set up martial art classes to develop talented martial artists. Among the martial arts classes all over the country, Namil High School’s Martial Arts Class 3 is the most famous. Jitae, despite his small build, looks to join this elite class. But there’s more to Jitae than meets the eye, from his double-jointedness to the mysterious disappearance of his father, himself a famous martial artist…

In IMMORTAL REGIS OMNIBUS Vol. 1: When Jaehyuk, a young high school student, dies because of an evil witch, he didn’t know it would actually be just the beginning of his adventures. Now immortal and undead, he will quickly have to leave our world for that of Chaos, a parallel universe where magic reigns. Enter the world of Immortal Regis.

, story by various Haeyoon (Witch of Mine), Hyeon-Sook Lee (Savage Garden), King Sang Yeop (The Restorer’s Home), art by various MAS (Witch of Mine), Hyeon-Sook Lee (Savage Garden), King Sang Yeop (The Restorer’s Home) · SRP: $48.99 · 416 Pages · For Mature Readers 16+ (Savage Garden); Teen Readers 13+ (Witch of Mine & The Restorer’s Home) · ISBN: 9781684973521 · Available August 28th

ABLAZE is shining the spotlight on the wide variety of genres and fantastic works within our catalogue! Our Spotlight on Fantasy/Romance Manhwa set includes three comic titles – Witch of Mine Vol. 1,Savage Garden Omnibus Vol. 1, and The Restorer’s Home Omnibus Vol. 1 – bundled together under a specially discounted price.

In WITCH OF MINE Vol. 1: Up against twists of fate and time, an outcast young boy and a mysterious witch, shunned because they’re different from what’s considered normal, one due to his imperfection and one due to her perfection, will need more than just magic spells and incantations…they’ll need each other.

In SAVAGE GARDEN Vol. 1: Gabrielle, an orphaned girl from a fallen noble family, befriends a young man named Jeremy, who was rumored to be an illegitimate child of a nobleman. After a tragic accident, Gabriel must impersonate Jeremy, taking his place at an all-boys academy for nobles. It’s a place that may seem like heaven to others, but in reality hides a harshness and brutality which she could never have imagined.

In THE RESTORER’S HOME OMNIBUS Vol. 1: High school freshman Sung-woo lives alone in a big, traditional Korean house that he inherited from his grandfather. He has great skill in restoring objects, such as antiques, to their original condition. He also has a supernatural ability to see souls, which are sometimes tied to these objects. Trying not to reveal his ability, he secretly helps friends and other people around him fix their broken belongings.

New August 2024 issues / volumes for continuing ABLAZE titles:


TORPEDO 1972, Issue 6, story by Enrique Sánchez Abulí and art by Leandro Fernández ·SRP: $3.99 · For Mature Readers 16+ · Available August 14th  

Torpedo’s temper-led confrontation with Asshole’s sweetheart goes awry, leading to a chase that leads him to the house of the Lord…and then to an adult cinema.


THE AWL, Vol. 4., story and art by Choi Gyu-seok · SRP: $14.99 · 200 Pages · For Mature Readers 16+ · ISBN: 9781684973224 ·Available September 11th

The confrontation between the trade union, the striking employees, and the management of Fourmis Supermarkets enters a new stage! The dispute moves on to the Regional Commission for Labor Relations, which comes down on the company and orders the proper distribution of salaries. One positive outcome, however, does not curb the low blows yet to come…


TERROR MAN, Vol. 4., story by Dongwoo Han, art by Jinho Ko · SRP: $19.99 · 300 Pages · For Mature Readers 16+ ·ISBN: 9781684973309 ·Available November 27th 

The final confrontation between Jungwoo and Project Imagine’s criminal pursuers is finally looming. Pulled between survival and vengeance, Jungwoo must remember what his true motivations are and what he wants life to be. Once he knows that, however, how does he obtain it? A bloody struggle blocks the path ahead, but he’s come too far to turn back now! Animated series adaptation from Studio Bazooka & Dr. Movie coming soon!

GET SCHOOLED, Vol. 5., story by Yongtaek Chae, art by Garam Han · SRP: $19.99 · 300 Pages · For Mature Readers 16+ · ISBN: 9781684973316 ·Available November 27th 

When a series of crimes comes to light involving adults assisting runaway adolescents, the TRPA is pulled into another after-school case. To crack it and bring justice to the victims, they’ll need to enlist the help of an unexpected ally, former troublemaker Yeri Han. But is Yeri truly ready to redeem herself?

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