Abdallah Jasim talks about CRESTAR & THE KNIGHT STALLION

Abdallah JasimFirst Comics News: How did you get into creating comics?

Abdallah Jasim: I never thought I’d be creating a comic book as a chemical engineer, it’s unheard of. Nonetheless, Ajmal & I met up and decided to create superheroes that represent us & our cultures. We initially created a live-action trailer for proof of concept and was an international success. A large company reached out to us with an offer to create comic books based on our characters. We decided that making a comic book would allow us to cement the story we’re trying to tell with our characters.

1st: Why is this comic important being the first Arab American Comic?

Abdallah: I tried to imbue as much of my life into the Knight Stallions story as possible. We wanted to ensure that this is the most authentically written comic book out there. The Arab American lifestyle hasn’t been shown authentically in Hollywood, and I’m hoping we can bring our stories to the forefront.

1st: Who are Crestar and the Knight Stallion?

Abdallah: Crestar is a vigilante of the night, he’s been trying to keep Detroit safe for years. He also may have some psychopathic tendencies but overall he’s a moral guy. Crestar may also have social anxiety, especially when he’s around the ladies. So he sticks to kicking butt versus going out & living his life.

Knight Stallion AKA Ali, is an Iraqi immigrant that has new unknown powers. He lives with his overbearing Arab mother in Dearborn, Michigan. If he’s not back home by dinner, she may be scarier than his scariest villain.

1st: Who or what is Firebreather?

Abdallah: Firebreather is a muscle car that Ajmal designed, its 617 horsepower V8 monster is in his garage as we speak. In the comic book, Firebreather is not only Crestars car, but it’s also the AI that helps him with his vigilantism. The only issue is that the firebreather can be quite sassy, a bit too sassy for Crestars liking.

1st: What abilities does Crestar have?

Abdallah: The cool part of Crestar is that he’s just a normal human, with no special powers. Just determination, bravery, and science. He develops his gadgets to help in the fight for Detroit. His brute strength is feared by anyone that stands in his way.

1st: In the Trailer you and Ajmal play the parts of the two superheroes how did that feel?
How do Crestar and the Knight Stallion function as a team, and what part does each play?

Abdallah: Playing the lead role of Ali/Knight Stallion was the greatest experience of my life. I was able to see what a real production looks like. It was a great learning experience, but the most important part is that everyone was enjoying their time. Crestar & Knight Stallion are a new team. Crestar is the mentor figure where as the Knight Stallion is a pupil trying to learn how to hone his superpowers and save Detroit from Devil’s Knight. They are the missing pieces for each other, once they finally learn to work together, they’re unstoppable.

1st: Who are a few of the villains Crestar and the Knight Stallion face?

Abdallah: We have created 3 villains with 3 different arcs, and each villain gets harder & harder for the boys. Devils Knight is their first adversary, he’s not an easy one at that. His darkness & viciousness is new to both Crestar & Stallion.

1st: Will the comic series look at the superheroes’ personal lives?

Abdallah: Not for Crestar, because he doesn’t have a personal life. He’s only Crestar, no one knows his real identity. Not even Knight Stallion. Don’t worry though, the readers will get a very close look at Ali’s personal life with his mother. She’s always trying to get him married to her friend’s daughters. Ali & his mom will be very entertaining. You will see happiness, sadness, and everything in between.

1st: Will we see other comic series set in the same Universe as “Crestar and the Knight Stallion”?

Abdallah: We are focused on Crestar & Stallion at this point, but Ajmal & I are machines when it comes to new ideas. So I see this universe growing but also completely new universes that no one has ever imagined.

1st: How does a Chemical Engineer use his knowledge from that job to help create a great comic?

Abdallah: It honestly doesn’t seem like engineering and comics mix, until you have to sit down & figure out how your character’s superpowers work. Ajmal & I both wanted to make sure this idea was fully grounded in reality. “Quantum Locking” is a physics term that explains The Knight Stallions’ powers. With a little chemical engineering and some imagination, we were able to create legitimate superpowers.

1st: How does your family feel about your comic book?

Abdallah: They’re happy for me, my entire family bought 10 comics each, they don’t collect comics so I’m not sure what they’re gonna do with them. Nonetheless, I’m so grateful to have such a supportive family.

1st: What do you have to say to all the fans of your work?

Abdallah: I love you all! I appreciate the support and we hope you all continue to follow our characters from issue to issue. We worked hard to make sure there is a good mix of comedy, epicness, and family.

You can purchase issue 1 at goldenapplecomics.com

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