A Tour Through Super Nintendo World

This past week First Comics News was able to get a sneak preview of the all new Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Official description:

“Super Nintendo World is an all-new, visually spectacular land, located within an expanded area of Universal Studios Hollywood. Within the vibrancy of colors and architectural ingenuity, the land features the groundbreaking “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge” ride, as well as many interactive activities to engage the entire family within the captivating Mushroom Kingdom.

Along with themed dining at Toadstool Cafe and shopping at the 1-UP Factory retail store, Super Nintendo World is an inspiring, game-changing addition to the world-famous theme park.

From the moment guests pass through the iconic green pipe, a journey filled with exploration, discovery and play awaits that is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Their journey begins as they enter Peach’s Castle before venturing further into the colorful Mushroom Kingdom.”

Super Nintendo World is now open to everyone at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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