A Superhero Spectacle Awaits: FCBD 2024 at West Orange Comics & Video Games!


Hello comic book fans and aspiring superheroes! Mark your calendars for an extraordinary event that’s set to make waves in the heart of Ocoee, Florida. West Orange Comics & Video Games is thrilled to announce the celebration of Free Comic Book Day 2024, a day that promises to be the family fun event to make your weekend exciting!

This year, we’re not just celebrating our love for comics; we’re also celebrating the 7th anniversary of West Orange Comics & Video Games. And what better way to do so than by hosting it on Free Comic Book Day, May the 4th? Doors will swing open at 10 am, inviting fans of all ages to join in the festivities and grab their free comic books while supplies last.

But wait, there’s more! From noon until 6 pm, the store will transform into a hub of creativity and inspiration. We’re honored to host a lineup of special guests who have left their mark on the comic book, television and movie world. Prepare to meet Dan Conner, whose artistic and literary work spans from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” to “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and the vibrant “My Gal The Zombie.”
Don’t miss the opportunity to have your comics signed by artist Jose Marzan Jr., whose work has graced the pages of “The Flash,” “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur,” and “Y: The Last Man.” And for those fascinated by the artistry of special effects, Scott Fensterer of Sy-Fy’s “Face-Off” and “Monster Manor TV” will unveil the magic behind his monstrous creations.

Local artist Gregory Neston will also be present, showcasing his latest work and sharing his creative journey with fans and fellow artists alike.
As if that weren’t enough, prepare for unbeatable sales that will tempt both seasoned collectors and newcomers to the vibrant world of comics. Whether you’re looking to expand your collection or take your first step into this captivating universe, West Orange Comics & Video Games is your gateway to adventure.

Located at 1575 Maguire Road #108, our store is a treasure trove of stories waiting to be discovered. Have questions? Our friendly team is just a phone call away at 407-741-3195, and we’re ready to guide you on your comic book journey.

Free Comic Book Day 2024 at West Orange Comics & Video Games is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of the stories that inspire us, the heroes that motivate us, and the community that brings us together. Join us for a day that’s sure to turn the page to an unforgettable chapter in your comic book experience. See you soon, heroes, and may the 4th be with you!


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