A Small Announcement from Hermes Press Regarding Covid-19

Hi all! While we at Hermes Press can (and do!) often work from home, some things require us to go into the office, such as packing orders off the website.

At this time we are going to be having a delay in shipping out books – we want our staff to be as safe as possible! So we would advise that if you are ordering in-stock items to skip Priority Mail and just use the regular, slower options and save yourself some money. We are temporarily lowering the “free shipping” option to $30 to qualify for free US/domestic orders so that people can get more books more easily.

We are still working on getting our new books to the printer on time, and will continue to have sales and specials as normal, but be aware that shipping times may be longer than usual.

Stay safe everyone!

-The Gang at Hermes Press

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