A New The Boys Volume Available as an NFT Today

June 7 Mt. Laurel, NJ: Right alongside the new viral third season that is rolling out new episodes each and every week, a brand new NFT is available right now via Terra Virtua and Dynamite.

The Self-Preservation Society is the sixth volume out of the 12 total in the original run of The Boys, packed with pivotal moments. It was also the title of the seventh episode of the show! The titular anti-supes squad has already been kicking around quite a bit of dust at this point, which has drawn a lot of attention their way. In comes Payback, a teen team of supes second only to The Seven, following in the footsteps of mainstream supes analogs like the Teen Titans, New Mutants, and so on. Chief among them is the one and only Soldier-Boy, now played by fan-favorite Jensen Ackles in the show as one of the hotly anticipated character debuts. Plus, this volume includes some Stormfront – like show fans have never seen them!, origin stories for Mother’s Milk, Frenchie, and the Female, and much more! All under a classic cover by Darick Robertson, who is joined by Judge Dredd legend Carlos Ezquerra inside. Now fans can get this crucial entry in the innovative NFT digital comics format!

These limited-edition digital collectibles are available to purchase on Terra Virtua here:

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