A New Super Hero/Activist Crusader Arrives

Houston, TX –   The Houston-based artist and comics maven Christopher Sperandio will unveil a new super anti-hero and a whole new method of graphic storytelling this spring. (Pub date: April 10, 2020).  

PINKO JOE is a troubled anti-hero wage-slave from another planet who battles to save earthlings from gun-toting corporate raiders and out-of-control oligarchs.  His is a timely tale, which Sperandio tells by patching together and re-inking original pages from old public domain comics.  

 “It came to me that ‘50 comics were perfectly suited to the true crime story of today–the seemingly inexorable destruction of our democracy by vested corporate interests.  So, once I had my subject, I combed through thousands and thousands of issues, selecting pages from disparate genres–crime, science fiction, horror and romance—and linked them together visually,” said Sperandio. 

 “Once the remix fell into place, I wrote new dialogue and re-inked all 96 pages.  Although my own hand is evident, I’ve basically been able to tell a whole new story in comics form without making new layouts and characters.”
“It was a hellishly painstaking production process, actually,” concludes the artist, “but it allowed me to reflect on present-day perils while honoring the history of comics—and indulging my love of cursing. A trifecta!”

The casebound cover for PINKO JOE bundles floppy, news print-like pages into three 32-page chapters.  And, what’s more, this comic for the 99% is only the first installment in a forthcoming trilogy: volume two is entitled GREENIE JOSEPHINIE and volume three, RED WHITE AND U BLEW IT ALL 2 HELL.


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