A New Spy Thriller Comic Series by Hollywood Producer & Novelist

From the Producer of Star Trek: Renegades and Six Gun Savior comes C.A.T.s (Covert Anti-espionage Team) a thriller about a group of spy hunters where the women are trained differently than the men and are recruited at the early age of thirteen.

When a former member of their team resurfaces, seeking revenge for an operation that cost her family their lives, Cassie King and her agents must uncover a plot that may put their male counterparts in grave danger. Cassie is shocked when her own daughter is in line to be recruited. Something she has dreaded since her daughter was born. Will she choose patriotism or family?

About the Comic:

The newest graphic novel will be a 44-page segment of a larger story arc where readers are introduced to the team and supporting characters as well as the world filled with espionage, action and betrayal. The project was first pitched to BET as a live-action series.

Drawn and colored by some of comics hottest talent, including artists from Marvel, DC, Titan, and Xenoscope, the pages are sure to engage all readers. With a diverse cast of characters, all readers will find something that they can identify with.  There are 5 unique covers including one of the original cast.

About the Creator: Frank Zanca is an award-winning writer and producer. He’s written half a dozen novels, including the acclaimed biography Escape from Berlin: The Diane Jacobs Story and the Destiny Aurora series. The four-book series has since been made into a 150-page graphic novel, an RPG and a tabletop board game.

Kickstarter: C.A.T.s will launch on Kickstarter by July 30, 2020 and will include signed issues and downloadable content, including the original short film that was used a proof of concept to pitch BET, which stars Tim Russ of Star Trek: Voyager fame.

Kickstarter Link: kickstarter.com

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