A new era begins at AC COMICS in December 2019 as the long-running FEMFORCE title (published in black and white since 1995) moves to COLOR with issue #188!!

The positive response AC continues to receive on its initial pair of color releases; SUPERBABES and 21st CENTURIONS have led us to turn the ongoing FEMFORCE quarterly into a standard 32-pager in FULL DIGITAL COLOR on GLOSSY PAPER!! The cover price will go DOWN with this landmark issue as well (when is the last time you heard THAT?), from the $9.95 level that FF has been at since issue #150, to ONLY $5.95!!!

As if all THAT is not enough excitement, FEMFORCE CREATOR ( and AC COMICS Editor Emeritus) BILL BLACK returns to write (and ink!) this issues’ lead story; “Treachery, Thy Color Is Crimson”! Longtime FEMFORCE nemesis ALIZARIN CRIMSON pops up to menace each member of the FF team in their dreams in a plot to keep NIGHTVEIL from her all-powerful Cloak of Darkness. The Mystic Miss has been WITHOUT that awesome weapon since 2014- this saga begins to unravel the HOW and WHY.

Pencils on this historic adventure will be provided by ERIC COILE. ERIC has illustrated numerous FEMFORCE tales since 1994, and his renditions of Ms. VICTORY, SHE-CAT, SYNN, TARA, and STARDUST are among the very favorites among long-time FEMFORCE readers.

The story itself is a touchstone to numerous memorable moments in AC COMICS history (and a good “jumping-on” point for new readers) , and guest-stars RIO RITA, The BLUE BULLETEER, AZAGOTH, CAPTAIN PARAGON, PROXIMA, The KRONONS, RIP-JAW, STELLA STARGAZE, The BLACK COMMANDO, RICHARD and NIKKI LATIMER, PRINCE BACCARRATTI, The RED BUTCHER, and LUCIFER SAM. NOT to be missed!!

The issue’s back-up story is the conclusion of a four-part retro epic relating the hitherto-untold conflict (from the 1980s) showcasing NIGHTVEIL and STARDUST in their battle against the unearthly weirdness of NEGEEMA; pre-FEMFORCE fighting with The SENTINELS of JUSTICE- with appearances by The SCARLET SCORPION and COMMANDO D. This one is written, penciled, inked and colored by BILL BLACK, working solo!! How many times in comic book history has a LEGENDARY CREATOR at the PEAK of his creative powers RETURNED to his MAGNUM OPUS 35 years AFTER its inception? See it here in this HISTORIC FEMFORCE #188.

And make no mistake- THIS issue is NO one-shot special in terms of format OR creative talent. From #188 on, FEMFORCE continues as a standard-sized, FULL DIGITAL COLOR quarterly at $5.95, written and drawn by BILL BLACK and ERIC COILE, just as LONG as fans and readers want to SEE it!! All the fun starts in FEMFORCE #188; now 32 pages in FULL DIGITAL COLOR inside of full-color covers, coming in December 2019- now ONLY $5.95 from AC Comics!!

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