My heart has been heavy for the Ukrainian people- I was prompted to do these-

This is “The Citizen”. He wields “The Shield Of Kyiv”-
it’s a mystical object like Excalibur or mjolnir- has an enchantment on it- symbol of Ukrainian strength and resolve- belonged to the first king- indestructible- been locked up in a museum- museum gets hit by an explosive- shield is in the rubble- gets picked up by a fighter- fighter is transformed into the CITIZEN- much like Thor or Captain Marvel-

If he falls in battle, another could pick it up and become another aspect of the same “Citizen”, and so forth and so on- but if the Russians got their hands on it and touched it, they’d get incinerated, like touching the ark of the covenant or something-
Just a different and very timely spin on the superhero trope- the shield is the thing that connects the characters- could be anybody with a stout heart willing to lay down his or her life for her country- I see a young girl picking up the shield and sprouting golden wings to take the battle into the air- where the missiles are coming from-
That coat of arms is a trident, but it also represents a falcon-

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