A Fantasy on All-Gambling Comic Story

The gambling community lacks an all-gambling superhero. A person who has its origin linked to gambling, whose superpowers are related to gambling, and so on. A person who looks for Slots Empire no deposit bonus codes after saving the world. We hope you got the point. So, here are some of our ideas on what such a superhero can be.

Man or Woman?

Many people would insist that a gambling superhero should be a man, but it is an arguable point. We would actually suggest it to be a woman. Women nowadays are into gambling to the same extent as men, some are getting really successful, and also a female gambling superhero would break the stereotype and surprise some readers.

Moreover, a female superhero has more chances to get a film adaptation in the modern world and generally attracts more readers. The world lacks female superheroes: in the Avengers, most are men, in the Fantastic Four, the ratio is 3:1. So it would be great to have one more!


What first comes to our head concerning the origin and superpowers of our superhero – is luck, but there is already Domino, whose skill is 100% luck, thus, it is not an option. Domino, by the way, made her way to the screens in the second part of the Deadpool movie, take a look if you still haven’t.

Magnetic powers would help with the slots, but there is Magneto already, the x-ray vision would help with poker, but Superman already has it. We want something original, something unique for our hero.

Finding a skill that has never been used anywhere before is quite a challenge, but we are not afraid of difficulties. And that is where we are getting to something we call “card weaving” – the ability to create a card you want from any piece of paper you get into your hands. Well, not you, but our hero. You might ask, how could this help the world when a new supervillain comes to conquer our world again? Well, give us some time.


Probably, the most difficult part of our story. We have already come up with the superpowers, but how has our heroine got them? In fact, there are two major types of origins: mad scientist or a random passerby. Not to dive into detailed explanations, we will give you two examples: Hulk is a mad scientist, and Spider-man is a random passerby. Hopefully, it is clear now. 

As for our heroine, we love the first variant, the scientist. Let’s say she is a scientist who has always been working on the issue of environmental pollution. And one of her research was a paper and how to produce it without harming trees.

Next, well, as usual, an emergency, a blast, our heroine is almost dead, but her molecules mix with the substance she was working on. She survives, and sometime later, she finds out that she can control and change the paper. A useless skill, you might say, but wait, she will also save our planet!


A cruel and scary The Great Lord Gambler, Mister Luck of The Whole Galaxy, Sir Pokerus (the name may vary) comes to conquer Earth. People are weak and useless; they do not deserve this planet and blah blah blah. You know this song. He is going to destroy the planet, but our heroine challenges him to a poker tournament. This alien Ser, of course, has itchy fingers, but our girl was also not born yesterday. And they have an intense poker tournament with competitors from other galaxies as guests. They invent new tricks to win, and the destiny of humanity is in our new superhero’s hands.

Ultimately, the alien conqueror discovers our superpowers and changes the paper cards to plastic ones. That is when our heroine has to show that even without her superpowers, she has enough skills to show the aliens who people are and what they are capable of.

By the way, she has not got a name yet, so maybe you could help us? Do you have any ideas?

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