Jim Balent and Holly Golightly talks about A DECADE OF BROADSWORD COMICS

jim-and-hollyOn the 10th Anniversary of BroadSword Comics, Jim Balent and Holly Golightly will see their company produce Tarot #61. That is 61 bi-monthly issues shipped on time, every time for 10 years. With the 10th Anniversary in mind, Jim and Holly have a few tricks up their sleeves. They stopped by First Comics News to let their fans know what is coming up at BroadSword.

First Comics News: Tarot 61 is the 10th Anniversary edition and features a retelling of Tarot’s origin. Is this a straight retelling of the origin or is this a different version of the origin?

Jim Balent: This is not just a straight forward retelling of Tarot’s origin. In the past I only hinted on how she became the swordmaiden to the Goddess. In issue 61 I take you inside the trials that tarot must face to become the swordmaiden, plus I let the reader see a never before told Raven Hex’s story of what happen to her that night Tarot took her test. So issue 61 is designed to help new readers jump on board as well as give the loyal readers something new to sink their teeth into.

1st: Tarot 61 is ‘The Swordmaiden,’ Part 1. Is this a multi part origin tale or does it lead to a bigger story?

Jim: There are two parts to the Swordmaiden storyline. Then in issue 63 we slip right into a Skeleton man storyline which is filled with werewolves and over the top action. A new werewolf hunter character is introduced and this all leads into a much larger story between Tarot, Boo cat, Licorice Dust and the Skeleton man that will last the rest of the year and affect the relationship between all the players.

1st: Issue 59 had a crossover of sorts with Stan Lee’s “Who wants to be a Super Hero?” How did that come about?

Jim: issue 59 had  Tonya Kay, who was on Stan Lee’s who wants to be a Super Hero, but her character that she played on that show has nothing to do with the character she played in my comic. In my comic she was straight up Tonya Kay, herself. A practicing, kick ass Witch. The issue was received very well by all the readers. Why I like to include real Witches in my comic is because it introduces my readers to different forms of the Craft, it expanse the Tarot universe and it grounds my comic in the real world. Plus I had a blast worker with Tonya! You will see a lot more of her on TV and in Film in the future!

1st: For new fans that join Tarot for the first time, where can they get back issues?

Holly Golightly: The best way to get a new issue of Tarot would be at your local comic book store. If they don’t have one-ask- they can order Tarot through Diamond’s Preview Catalog, Tarot is a bi-monthly comic book. Or give them a call at 800-45-comic. If they’ve sold out …tell ’em to contact Haven Distro 877-HAVEN-50, Haven carries a nice selection of back issues. BUT if you’d like to work with us directly, you’re welcome to visit our main website http://www.jimbalent.com  and have fun reading-watching videos and shopping there. We do have a few rare exclusives, like our Hardcover Tarot trade vol. #1 and Hardcover Pin Up book. Also sign up for our email newsletter for weekly updates on projects and fun!

1st: When does the 8th TPB ship?

Holly: In Germany it’s been out since last year but the English version will be in stores end of June 2010!

1st: Tarot won 6 Project Fan Boy awards, what categories did you will?

Jim: Best artist, Best Indie artist, Best TPB, Best Indie Character, (Tarot), Best Indie Villain (Raven Hex.) and Best Indie Title! WOW! Many thanks go out to everyone who voted for us! You honored us greatly!!!

1st: Last time we talked the Tarot statue was under production, is it going to be out in time for the 10th Anniversary?

Jim: The statue will be out in MAY! We are very excited! And there will be a limited painted variant as well. Tarot will be wearing her white armored outfit for the variant; I can’t tell you when it will be released but keep your eye on our web site for dates as well as Diamond Direct, for it will be sold through them exclusively.  Also this year to celebrate our 10th anniversary… Tarot, the Skeleton Man, Crypt Chick and Raven Hex are being made into Mini Mates! They look fantastic.

1st: Tarot has its own You Tube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/CherriCreeper, what can fans expect to find on the channel?

Holly: I’ve wanted to make movies since I saw Star Wars! So I’ve been creating little interview videos when we visit conventions. I love to interview cosplayers and kids…sometimes I’ll interview actors- but I prefer the fans so we can share the ‘geek’! I also have created some music videos and Trailers to issues of Tarot! I will also include fan movies and any movie that has cute fuzzy critters saying ” nom nom nom”

1st: School Bites is now a free Web comic, will those stories be collected into a comic at some point?

Holly: Yes, and I’ll most likely add a little extra to the printed manga. I did the reverse with the earlier mangas and add extra content to the webcomic. I hinted at how Cherri became a vampire, the actual moment.

1st: Will we see more Fears & Ears in 2010?

Holly: Yes-new cover and new chapter on Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Jim took us there on my 45th B-day! It was wild!

1st: What other surprise do you have for fans in 2010?

Jim: We are working on something big to expand the Broadsword titles, but as of now I must remain silent. We will continue to publish Tarot on our Bi-monthly schedule, with all the high Quality that won Tarot all those awards. And you will be seeing us a few cons this year. Pittsburgh Con In April and San Diego in July.

Holly: Yes…Big secret! Yes visit us at booth #1715 in San Diego- maybe by then I can tell you the secret if you know the password … “Rancor Cookies”…if the secrets out before that- I’m sure something interesting will happen if you whisper that!

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