A Dark Interlude #1 from Vault Comics is out Wednesday!

Dark creatures from a world beyond our own have us locked in a crisis of infinite sequels. 

This is the story of how we escape.

In A Dark Interlude, we follow Henry Henry, The Muse, The Hero With a Thousand Faces, and a bevy of supernatural beings as they try to help humanity escape this “sequel crisis” before it destroys not only our world, but the supernatural world beyond it, too.

A Dark Interlude is perfect for fans of oldschool supernatural Vertigo writers such as Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, or Grant Morrison.

Writing: Ryan O’Sullivan
Cover: Ariela Kristantina
Pencils/Inks: Andrea Mutti
Colours: Vladimir Popov
Lettering: Deron Bennet
Publisher: Vault Comics
Price: $3.99
Pages: 32
Issues: Collects #1 (of 5)
Similar Titles: Sandman, Swamp Thing, The Unwritten, Pale Fire, Ulysses

Cover A (Ariela Kristantina) – SEP201542
Cover B (Nathan Gooden) – SEP201543
Cover C (Rebekah Isaacs) – SEP201544
1:15 Incentive Cover (Caspar Wijngaard) – SEP208238
1:30 FOIL Incentive Cover (Caspar Wijngaard) –SEP208239

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