99 Insanely Interesting Gambling Movie Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Interesting Facts about Gambling Movies

Gambling has been a popular source of entertainment for many centuries across several cultures. Movie makers have delighted in translating the excitement and thrill of gambling onto the big screen. If you want to see how successful gambling movies have been for viewers and studios alike, check out the infographic created by Casino Sites, which reveals interesting facts about the best gambling movies made in the last century.

The first appearance of Daniel Craig as the legendary British spy in Casino Royale reinvigorated the James Bond series. Besides being regarded as Craig’s best portrayal of Bond, Casino Royale became the highest-grossing gambling movie, raking in nearly $600 million.

When the Ocean’s Eleven remake was released back in 2011, it instantly became a blockbuster. Ocean’s Eleven is a first-class flick with a legendary cast that features some of Hollywood’s biggest names like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and many more. The movie was a major success for studio heads despite pouring out over $85 million in productions costs as it ended being one of the top-grossing gambling movies with an estimated gross of $450 million.

One ironic fact about Ocean’s Eleven is that some of its cast members are passionate gamblers in real life and admitted to gambling together off set. Rumour has it that Brad Pitt was the best gambler.

Unsurprisingly, most gambling movies were filmed in the US’s gambling capital, Las Vegas. Scenes from Ocean’s Eleven depict some of the most popular locations in Vegas including the Riviera, Sahara, Sands, Desert Inn, and the Flamingo Casinos.

The story about interesting gambling movie facts only begins here – keep reading the infographic to the end to gain a better picture of how gambling stories were portrayed on the big screens.


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