6  Reasons To Buy Chibi Coin Collectibles

Collecting stuff these days has become so diverse that it doesn’t stop at t-shirts and posters anymore. There is a slew of other types of collectibles that’ll make your head spin. There are trading cards, stamps, caps, plushies, signed personal items, and miniature dolls.  However, cute miniature collectibles called Chibi are fast becoming a trend because of their cuteness and irresistible quality.  

What Is A Chibi? 

Chibi is a Japanese slang word that means small or little. The word has various meanings, and it could be insulting when used inadvertently. Typically, it’s often used in the context of small children. In Japanese anime or manga, when a regular character is made to look small and cute, like drawn with a large head and simplified exaggerated features, it’s called SD or super-deformed or a Chibi.

Outside of anime, when Chibi is used to describe a person and their personality, it could be insulting; unless you’re joking around with friends, then it’s okay.  

Chibi Coin Collectibles

But, a Chibi Coin collectible of your favorite movie, tv character, or book series?  Well, that’s a different story. Collectors worldwide are trying to get their hands on these rare items, and if you want to join the long line of those collecting the world first Chibi® Coin for sale, you better hurry.

Here are some of the reasons you should buy these cute collectibles: 

  • They Have Excellent Quality 

Each Chibi Coin is excellently crafted and placed inside a high-quality branded case, with a large display window. There’s a certificate of authenticity that’ll guarantee your purchase. It’s made from fine premium pure silver, and since it’s a legal tender, engraved on the observe is the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which was created by infamous sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley. That said, you can be sure that each Chibi Coin is something worth your money. 

Kyiv, Ukraine – March 9, 2021: Star Wars logo on the screen. Star Wars is an American epic space media franchise which is a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon.
  • They’re Amazing To Display 

Your collection won’t be complete without them. If you’re an avid Star Wars fan, for instance, pretty sure you always scramble to get your hands on the rarest collectible, right?  A Star Wars Darth Maul and Admiral Ackbar in a silver Chibi Coin will make your collection look outstanding. And, since each of these coins is conveniently placed in a transparent sturdy display case, it’ll look good together with your other collectibles.  

  • They Make For An Amazing Gift 

If you’re not a collector, but your husband or best friend is, they’d appreciate a gift of this kind. As a collector, receiving this kind of item means that you’re carefully considered and thought of by the giver. 

For somebody to help you complete a collection that’s utterly challenging to accomplish would be the height of affection. It’s not the item’s value, but more of the thought behind the gesture. It means they know how passionate you are about a particular thing, and are one with you in your fervent mission.  

  • Have A Potential To Increase In Value 

Each Chibi Coin is only produced in limited numbers. Each coin has a mintage inscribed on the back, and, in time, its value will increase. Since the coins are made of pure silver, they have a value, and, eventually, when demand for these things heighten, you’ll see their price shoot up.  

  • They’re A Good Investment 

There’s a massive following for collectibles, like Star Wars, Star Trek, and even Harry Potter. Those who collect them may sometimes be referred to as a cult, as they could be intense and forceful in their mission to amass rare collectibles.  

Because of this behavior, the market demand for these collectibles becomes very high, pushing their prices to the ceiling. Should you be living at this time, you can take advantage and sell yours for more than twice what you paid for them, maybe even more than five times their original price.  

  • A Great Way To Introduce Your Favorites To The Young 

Unfortunately, young children of this generation won’t have an inkling of who Darth Vader is and why he’s considered the world’s best antagonist and the most iconic villain ever. Only parents passionate about Star Wars can effectively transfer the knowledge of such great films to the young. And, it’d be easier to introduce them to kids by way of exciting collectibles and tell the story behind them. 

Children’s curiosity will be stirred upon seeing the rare collectibles on display, and this might even prompt them to know more about the film franchise on their own. 


Chibi Coin collectibles aren’t only cute, but these represent a passion in every collector. The desire to complete and add interesting, unique items will make each collection exceptional and expensive. Adding a Chibi Coin collectible to your Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Friends, or Mortal Kombat collection will surely increase its value, so why not start grabbing them now?

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