6 Popular Comics In 2022 And Beyond

Every comic book reader has a favorite series. There might be an epic superhero battle or a story about friends helping each other get through life. It could be a historical tale like Captain America or a slice-of-life comic like Fun Home.

While some comics fade away, others remain popular for decades. However, what are the most popular comics in 2022 and beyond?


In November 2022, Batman became the most popular superhero. His secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire philanthropist who protects Gotham City from villains.  Batman’s popularity has continued to grow over time, as did his family of sidekicks—Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Robin, and more!

His abilities include peak human physical capabilities such as strength and speed combined with stealth, detective skills, and combat training.


Wonder Woman

The popularity of Wonder Woman has grown in recent years. This is due to her popularity in movies and comic books. There are now many different types of comic books that feature Wonder Woman. These include ones with other superheroes, and stories that focus on her adventures alone.

The most popular type of comic book featuring Wonder Woman is one that focuses on her adventures as an adult superhero. As they tend to target adults and feature violence, these comics are unsuitable for children under 13. A variety of comic books are also available for younger readers who want to learn about life through the eyes of this powerful woman.



Superman appears as a strong-willed man who fights for justice and what is right. He also appears as someone who cares about others and has no superpowers. Yet, he can lift things that are too heavy for ordinary people. It is because he has been on Earth since he was a baby, so he knows how to use his powers.

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In 2022, Spiderman: No Way Home regained the top spot on the box office chart. Also coming in 2024, Spiderman: the First Year is a story set to take place in an alternate universe.

Spiderman comics have been made into TV shows, movies, and games. There have also been several comic book spin-offs that feature other superheroes that use similar powers as Spiderman.

It continues to be one of the most popular comics of all time – Marvel.com Comics Inc. publishes new stories yearly about Spiderman’s characters and storylines (or “canon”).


Green Lantern

The Green Lantern television series follows the adventures of Hal Jordan. As the first human to join the Green Lantern Corps, an elite intergalactic peacekeeping force, he was chosen by the Guardians of Oa. With Hal’s ring, he can fly, create anything he wants with his mind, and has infinite strength and power.

In 2022, fans can look forward to “Green Lantern: Rise of the Corps,” which Robert Venditti will write. The story will follow Hal Jordan as he tries to discover what happened to his fellow Green Lanterns after he was killed by one of their own.


The Green Arrow

The Green Arrow will continue to explore Oliver Queen’s adventures and his relationships with other DC characters.  The Green Arrow’s adventures are in Star City, where he lives with his best friend/sidekick John Diggle, a former soldier.

In place of regular arrows made from metal or other materials, the Green Arrow uses green wood arrows. He uses them as weapons against bad guys and criminals who threaten the safety of people around him.


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Comics appear set to continue dominating the entertainment industry. Print comics remain popular among collectors and readers while digital publishing expands.

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