6 Must-Have Apps for Dads

Most dads nowadays have mobile phones to themselves, but they never maximize them successfully. These phones always have to be on us even if we don’t use them 24 hours fully in a day. The phone is not just designed for WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram, and rather it can be sued for so much more. These six must-have applications for dad would help dads to spend more quality time online as they even build themselves and get equipped with the resources needed to thrive in their roles in the family. You have to ensure that as much as your kids are tech-compliant, you also are not left behind.

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1. Water-Minder App

You need to ensure you take care of yourself adequately, as much as you would be there for your kids. Drinking more water regularly is one sure way of taking care of your health. One app that pays thorough attention to this is this particular one. Within the space of 3 to 5 months, if you use this app, you would realize that you’d see noticeable improvements in the amount of water you drink and how you feel about it. It keeps track of how much water you take by showing catchy reminders. It works well with the apple watch and requires a form of payment, although it’s worth every bit of money that you’d spend on it.


2. YouTube App

As dads, there are times that you want to let off a bit of steam, and you need to unwind. This is where the YouTube app comes into play. If you’re going to watch videos of football, golfing, hunting, fishing, etc. then this is the right app for you. There is even classic and vintage stuff on it that you can easily access as a dad, don’t tell the kids. Having a good laugh or just enjoying the moment is one of the healthy benefits of having the YouTube app on your device.


3. Amazon App

This app makes dads look pretty sophisticated and innovative. A lot of people have this app, but never fully explore the potentials it holds in store. When your family complains to you that they are running out of groceries and toiletries, this is where you show your ‘manliness’ by ordering for them on this app and having them deliver it to your doorstep. No running all around town to do some necessary shopping for the wife and kids


4. Zynga App

This app is quite popular because of the numerous gambling and slot games their platform has developed. They have a couple of slots games, as well as some casino slots which can be really fun and interesting to try out as a dad. You could also try out the Manekichi platform as a father, since it is equally easy and straightforward to navigate through and get started on.


5. PhotoMath App

As a dad, having to check through and solve homework can be a neck-breaking one, especially if it involves mathematics. Also, a lot of fathers are not particularly gifted in these areas, hence a significant source of worry. Just know that you don’t have to be an excellent mathematician to help your kids stroll through their assignments; this is where the PhotoMath app comes into play. The app does not require much to download; check the apple store or Play Store for android users. Just launch the app and place your camera directly in front of the equation or formulas you are trying to solve, and right before your eyes, the answers are produced. 


6. Weber Grills App

Almost every dad wants to master the art of grilling, thus the need to learn how to best handle it. The Weber brand which is popular in the world for grilling has an app that would help you get by basic grilling principles. It helps out with setting a timer when you cook meat also.

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