5 Ways Reading Comics Makes You Smarter

Comics encourage you to read due to their descriptive nature. They also have complex languages that broaden your vocabulary and boost your verbal intelligence. With practice, comic books can help struggling readers become better readers.

For a time, society frowned upon comics and assumed they are meant for kids’ and immature adults’ entertainment. But a deeper dive into these books reveals a sea of knowledge you wouldn’t find anywhere else. If you buy dissertation online, you understand how essential unique information is to your growth as a student. 

Comics have today risen to become the string section in the symphony of our reading culture. Many comic titles are being praised as high art because of how articulately and intricately they’ve been authored. However, there still lurks the suspicion that comics are intellectually inferior reads. 

They’re so colorful, short, and enjoyable, and according to most people, such books don’t have much to offer. If you’ve never taken the time to go through a comic book before, this article will give you reasons why you should start adding them to your library.

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  • Overcome Reading Challenges

People with cognitive insufficiency don’t enjoy reading since they find it to be a struggle. They would rather not read at all than put their brains through so much torture. If you’re such a person, you would be pleased to know that comic books can help you overcome these difficulties. Authors of comic books use visual configurations that help your brain make sense of the words. 

Collecting different genres of comics would be an excellent place to begin if you want to enhance your cognitive abilities. You will notice considerable changes in your reading experience after only a short time. Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new thing also helps you look at the world differently.

  • Nurture a Love for Reading

Comics are realistic books that are exhaustive in their description. Comic authors might publish thin books, but they are as comprehensive as can be. Renowned authors boast of unlimited creativity and wild imaginations that allow them to describe a world that’s different but still relatable. When you read such exciting material, you’re bound to crave more, and with time, you’ll find that you enjoy reading.

Comics have unpredictable plot twists that keep you on the edge of your seat. Stepping out of your being and having an out-of-body experience allows you to process the data uniquely in contrast to conventional books. Comics allow you to tap into the parts of your brain that have been dormant, and this feeling energizes you to read more and more. 

  • Develop a Broad Perspective 

Comic authors give you multiple modalities you can use to make sense of the story. Aside from reading the words, you also encounter descriptive imagery that challenges your brain to think outside the box. Creating meaning from multiple contexts allows you to develop a broader perspective.

Every component authors include in their comic books is supposed to trigger deeper thinking to enhance your reading experience. All these elements have been carefully integrated to elevate your experience and provide unique life lessons. 

Unlike conventional books that portray life as black and white, comics delve into controversial topics to make you see that life doesn’t have to be dull. The more comics you read, the more you understand that approaching circumstances with one-fits-all solutions aren’t always the answer. Reading comics trigger complex neurological processes that sharpen your brain and allow you to think of more creative solutions. 

  • Exercise the Brain

Critics call comics picture books, but you realize that they’re more than that if you take your time to read some. Besides, authors of comic books do not include the imagery for the sake of it; the pictures play an essential role in the progression of the story.

The uniqueness of comics provides brain exercises you wouldn’t experience with conventional books. Since they’re so different, they change how your brain functions, putting dormant portions of the brain into action. What’s more, you can experience the neuron activity comics activate for a few days after you complete a comic book. This means, if you keep this up for long, you will experience a drastic elevation in your thinking capacity. 

  • Advance Your Vocabulary

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It’s a myth that comic authors use simplistic languages to accommodate kids. In fact, nothing is further from the truth because a quick flip through any comic book will reveal that the language used exceeds that of oral communication of college students.

If you want to learn new vocabulary, reading a comic book is the next best thing to studying your dictionary. Regardless of your intelligence level, you will find that the language in comic books challenges you with new words you’ve never encountered in conventional books. 


If you thought that comics are a reserve for people with a lower reading level, this article has hopefully challenged you to think otherwise. You should consider adding comics to your reading collections to gain the benefits discussed above and so much more.

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