5 Types Of Jackpots You Can Win At An Online Casino

Casino Jackpots

When you play casino online, there is a lot more on offer than at a land-based casino. For online casinos, you can get a whole plethora of jackpots, and a great deal of these are on offer at the online slots. While most other games will also have jackpots, slots offer a great deal of these. Let’s have a look.


Jackpot types.

At a casino, there are five main types of jackpots you can get. Remember, that these jackpots are found on slots, so keep this in mind if you play the slots online for real money. As this is where you will find these tasty jackpots! They are as follows.


Fixed Jackpots.

Fixed jackpots are coined for slot machines that have a jackpot payout that will not increase. These jackpots are the highest possible prizes among these slots, this is why the requirements to obtain them are harder to accomplish.

While the fixed jackpot slots are not taking a chunk of their players’ bets into a growing prize pool, bets can influence certain jackpot amounts.


Progressive Jackpots.

There are some popular progressive slots that will get the most spins and clicks from players, which will have absolutely no problem breaking the $10 million point.

These are ones with a growing prize pool that is gathered from players’ bets, each regular casino patron will instantly recognize progressive slots for having huge payouts in comparison to most other casino games.


Local Jackpots.

Due to the limited bets from each machine, local progressive jackpots have a smaller jackpot amount than other kinds of progressive slots. This is usually around $500 to $4,000.

One positive aspect to these slots is that their odds of winning, or variance rate, is within   mid-high level. In fact, you have better odds at winning these than other kinds of progressive jackpots.

These jackpots accumulate their payout, which comes from the players’ bets in that casino. These bets are only from the title machine.


Network Progressive.

Since there are typically massive payouts among network progressive jackpots, it is actually rather rare to find one which lacks a high variance rate. Unless you are specifically aiming for any of the jackpot prizes, other slots provide you with better odds in increasing your starting bankroll.

The risk in playing progressive network jackpots is worth it, considering it gives you a shot at winning one of the biggest payouts at any online gambling website.

These jackpots are the most popular that you can find at an online casino. Appearing at slots, their jackpot amount will be accumulated by the bets of players around the world. Since this is a massive worldwide input, being input by many players over various countries, these progressive jackpots can pay out an average of $500,000 to $5,000,000!


Wide Area Progressive.

The games with this type of jackpot are small in part of a player’s bet toward the progressive jackpot. However, it accumulates it from a variety of slot machines that are found in varying casinos across the nation. Both wide area progressive jackpots and network progressive jackpots can easily reach 1 million worth of jackpot in payouts.

In order to really make the most of this type of jackpot, you should know how to qualify for the slot’s main jackpot prize. This requirement typically means you need to bet the maximum. Which sadly means you are more likely to lose faster as well.

These bet types are typically found offline however, they are not usually found online, they are basically the land-based version of network jackpots.

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