5 Top Facts You Should Know About ‘Geiger’ Comic Series and Its Writers

Reading comic books is fun and thrilling, but you must ensure you get the best series. Geiger is a comic series that has caused quite a stir among fans of such content. The authors did a marvelous job creating an outstanding piece you can enjoy. The intriguing plot of the new series will capture your attention and have you glued to the series for hours. Nonetheless, comic book enthusiasts may not know some of the top factors about Geiger. This’s the information you’ll gather from the five facts explained below.

Quality Similarities Between the Writer and the Main Character

Readers and fans may have this fact unknown to them, considering it’s not easy to balance between enjoying a great series and following up on other people’s life. Geoff Johns did an excellent job creating a compelling main character for his comic book.

Many don’t know that Johns may have used personal experiences to mold the character because they’ve several things in common. First, Johns and the main character are part-Arab. Additionally, the writer displays Geiger as a great father, which he is, too.

The Use of Image Comics

The creators, Johns and Gary Frank, opted for Image Comics for their freedom of creativity. Their work for DC comics is well-known, from Supergirl to Superman. Nonetheless, the two decided to work with Image Comics for different reasons.

The top reason for choosing this direction is to allow creators like Gary Frank to feel more creative freedom. Additionally, they aimed at displaying the publisher’s willingness to support how the creators express their full creativity.

Johns and Gary have Worked Together Before

You would be surprised to learn that this isn’t the first time the creators have worked hand in hand. They’ve several joint projects starting from DC Comics. However, although they’ve worked together, each has their own projects.

One of their most reputable team projects is the limited comic series known as Doomsday Clock. The gents have become a sensation among comic fans and readers, especially for launching Geiger immediately after wrapping up Doomsday Clock. With such a reputation, you can only guess that the duo’s future is promising.

The Writer Drew Inspiration from Different Places

Composing a comic series as intriguing as Geiger takes more effort than most people think. You must source inspiration from different places and combine the information to generate an impeccable piece for the fans. This’s one area that the writer and creator of Geiger are so good at.

They drew inspiration from notable and reputable comics, such as 2000A. D, The Hills Have Eyes, and True Grit. You can confirm the influence of these comics by checking Geiger’s features, including brutality, violence, and storyline, among others.

It Happens Near Vegas

One of the facts that many Geiger fans and readers may lack is where the show happens. The creators had to change the narrative to set the story apart from similar content regarding location. Johns and Gary centered the story on a Las Vegas in ruins.

This is where criminal activity is rising, and the criminals fight it out to gain control of Las Vegas. The compelling characters, seasoned action, and impeccable art will have fans drooling for this series. The writer and creator took enough time to look for the best location for their story. They made a fresh twist by not opting for a nuclear war setting, which is common among many comic stories.

Comic series are many in the contemporary world as the fan base increases immensely. They’re engaging to follow and can kick away boredom whenever you want something to do. However, only a few can reach the level of Geiger by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. You should use the above-explained facts about the series to know what to expect.

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