5 Tips on What to Look for in a Tablet for Reading Comics

One of the most delightful transitions of the digital platform has been for comic books. Comic book lovers the world over can swear by the ingenuity of reading their favorite graphic novels on a tablet. Now instead of just carrying a single version, they can literally carry entire collections of comic books in a single device. Yet, as with everything else digital, there is a wide range of options of tablets on which you can read your favorite comic books. Here is a compilation of 5 essential tips on what to look for, when you are in the market to purchase a tablet specifically for reading comics.

1. Full size supported

Most ardent comic lovers swear by the magic of the full size supported screen tablets. These devices sport a bigger screen usually of the range of 8 inches – 10 inches or more. These tablets are available in most of the major interface options, However, they do lack a certain range of portability, especially if you are looking for a device that can be crammed into a small handbag or small space.

2. The mini screen size

The mini-tablets offer the vibrancy of the comic book artwork without compromising on the portability of the device. The added advantage of this group of devices is their increased affordability. They are also available in almost all of the current interface options. However, one disadvantage that you might have to face with this group is some prohibitive features. The full capacity tablets will be more feature rich as compared to the minis. However, this really does not affect the quality of a comic book reading experience on these devices.

3. Screen resolution

For a truly epic graphic novel reading experience, you need to have high-resolution tablets. Both the full size as well as the minis have some diverse options with regards to the resolution range. This is one of the most crucial points for the quality of your comic book reading experience and skimping on the resolution is never the best choice.

4. Affordability

The affordability is directly dependent on major features such as the screen size, resolution and brand. However, this is also one of the key points when you are making a purchase decision.

5. Interface

You can choose tablets that support the Android, Kindle or apple interface. While each of the interfaces has its own sets of pros and cons, the Android interface proves to be more user-friendly which is why they gain an edge in popularity. The Android interface is also usually a bit more affordable than the Apple interface. However, the iOS interface has no comparison in terms of the level of security and durability of the device. The kindle mini-tablets might require some zooming on certain areas during the reading experience.

At an average, you must prepare a list of your specific requirements depending on the above list and then scale the available brands according to the highest to lowest preference. However, at the end of the day, make sure to buy a product that has a medium to high resolution and favorable screen size to make sure you do not have to constantly keep switching devices to keep up with your comic book love.


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