5 things to do while waiting for your favorite comic’s new issue to drop

There is not a more tense or strenuous time for fandom than when a new comic is about to drop. The world is full of theories, forums full of arguments, especially if theres a new character in the mix and poses a threat to one of the character’s relationships or even their livelihood. 

There will be plot twists in the new issue, and you need to prepare yourself for the emotional journey you are about to join these characters on. Or, you just need to pass the time because the suspense is sending you stupid, and we all know time feels like its going slower when were waiting for something to happen. 

So here is a list of five things for you to do while youre waiting for your favorite comics new issue to drop in the stores. 

  • #1 Read your favorite fan theories online

Reading your favorite fan theories and discussing them on a forum might be just what you need to curb the want for the new issue. Talking and discussing your theories with others in your fandom may help relieve the tension and suspense a little, as you get to let out all the thoughts youve been bottling up over the past week or month. 

#2 Re-watch the movies or the TV series (if they have any)

Re-watching the movies or the TV series might help your mind take a break from exactly what’s happening in the comics. It will also improve your knowledge of the lore, so youll be able to spot more in the comics and share it with your friends. If there is the unfortunate occurrence that your favorite comic doesnt have any of these, reading fan-made content might help instead.

#3 Play games to pass the time and take your mind off of it

Playing video games of any sort can help remove your brain from the ongoing tension that its in. As mentioned before, time goes far slower when youre waiting for something to happen, so you need to pass the time as much as you can. Playing your favorite RPG or even something simple like an online starburst slot can help keep your mind preoccupied during the wait. 

#4 Re-read the previous issues to make sure you know the characters exact situation

You want to make sure that you know exactly where the characters are and their exact journey- and there is nothing like re-reading the last few issues to bring you up to speed to help you with what could be coming up ahead. 

#5 Create a fan art of your favorite characters

Creating fan art can be a fun way to pass the time. You can vent your theories through these or enjoy someone else’s work. They can be little things that the crew do in between missions, and you can create little comic strips of your own to help other fans enjoy too. 

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