5 Popular Manga About Gambling

Manga has become popular far beyond the borders of Japan. The youth in America and European countries follow the trend and consider it extremely creative and fun. This is mainly due to the fact that manga is something different from the usual comics, with its oriental philosophy and style that is not like the rest.

In Japan itself, manga is not perceived as some kind of purely youth entertainment. In the land of the rising sun, manga is read by absolutely everyone — be it children or the elderly. This type of creativity is considered an important part of Japanese culture. Manga artists and writers are considered highly respected people and their profession is well paid. In this review, you will learn about 5 popular gambling manga and will discover why $5 minimum deposit casino players love to read the manga so much.

Gambling Apocalypse: Kaiji

  • Volumes: 78;
  • Genres: Thriller, Game, Sports, Seinen, Drama, Psychology;
  • Author: Fukumoto Nobuyuki;
  • Year of issue: from 1996 to the present.

Kaiji is the main character of the manga; the young man was looking for work in the post-war collapsed Japan. Everything changed after Kaiji made a mistake. He now has two options — either pay off the debt or play it back in a gambling tournament. The man decides to play but falls victim to Yūji Endō’s fraud. After that, he ends up in a labor camp where he works for 15 years and receives a meager salary.

After leaving the camp, Kaiji meets Kotaro Sakazaki, the man who tells him about the game of pachinko in a high-stakes casino, where Kaiji expects to win over 500 million yen. This is actually what happens.

After winning, Kaiji repays his debt but realizes that all the games were rigged and decides to take revenge on the offenders. Kaiji agrees to one more One Poker tournament, and in the end, he takes 2.4 billion yen as a prize. The life of the man changes, and he decides to leave Japan forever.


  • Volumes: 18;
  • Genres: Thriller, Game, Sports, Seinen, Drama, Psychology;
  • Author: Kawamoto Homura;
  • Year of issue: from 2014 to the present.

The main plot takes place within the walls of an elite private academy in Hyakkaou. Only the offspring of the richest and most influential people in Japan study in it, and graduates usually occupy leadership positions. There is a special hierarchy in the educational institution, which determines your position solely by the amount of money. Earning, however, as well as losing everything, even the right to control your life, is as easy as shelling pears, because all students love gambling and betting, and the student council only encourages such a way of life.

But one day a new student is transferred to the academy — Jabami Yumeko. At first, she seemed to be very kind and even a little naive. She is also very interested in the local tradition of sorting things out with the help of gambling. Therefore, she happily agrees to compete with another student — Mary Saotome. The latter, of course, tries to win by deceit, but Yumeko easily leads her to clean water. Then it turns out that she doesn’t care about money and status, because all that she appreciates in life is excitement and incredible excitement during the chance to lose everything.

Tobaku Haouden Zero

  • Volumes: 8;
  • Genres: Detective, Drama, Games, Shounen;
  • Author: Nobuyuki Fukumoto;
  • Year of issue: from 2007 to 2009.

The main hero of the story is Zero Ukai — the “Robin Hood” boy. Together with his friends, he is invited to the Dream Kingdom, a partial gambling amusement. Reaching the target point, Zero and the others decide to find a “king” and get a reward of at least 100 billion yen. To save all the victims of prize money bank transfer scams, Zero takes on the challenge of becoming king, but gaming is nothing more than gambling for life, mind, and body.

Ten: Tenhō-dōri no Kaidanji

  • Volumes: 8;
  • Genres: Gambling, Mahjong;
  • Author: Nobuyuki Fukumoto;
  • Year of issue: from 1989 to 2002.

Takashi Ten lives his life as an underground mahjong player. He has a kind heart and unusual talent. One day, Takashi meets Hiroyuki Igawa, a student who plays mahjong using his outstanding logic. In the underground world, incredible rivals await them, one of which is the genius who descended into the darkness — Shigeru Akagi.


  • Volumes: 49;
  • Genres: Gambling;
  • Author: Toshio Sako;
  • Year of issue: from 2006 to 2017.

Some players risk their lives. To preserve the integrity of such deadly games, the violent and powerful Kagero organization considers them neutral. This is actually what’s happening in the Usogui manga. The main hero of the story is Bak Madarame — a player whose goal is to win and to take control of the criminal organization. The story is rather exciting, and its climax is impossible to predict.

Not So Funny

The graphic and literary style of manga differs markedly from the classic comics, even though it has been developed under their influence. The script and the arrangement of the frames are built differently. In the pictorial part, the emphasis is made on the lines of the drawing, and not on its form. With this in mind, it is no wonder that manga attracts readers with interesting and deep stories with several genres being intertwined. This makes reading even more exciting.


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