5 Funny Comics About Gambling

The slot machines are full of colorful graphics, from the most recent trending comics and superhero characters to other animal cartoons. The developers believe that winning in gambling is fun and the joy must start with colorful displays.

And then there are some really funny comics about gambling. Most comics do not exclusively revolve around gambling, but their storylines carry strong messages about gambling in the most fun way. There are many comics about gambling, but it would be fun to read or watch and understand the humor in gambling.



Chance was notorious for his unusual payment conditions, which required anyone hired to wager against the villain rather than accept direct payment. Powell could have a small wager on the table, rather than his life, with payment falling on his back if he failed. According to legend, this would be the best way he would believe the job was genuinely fascinating.

Strictly adhering to the gaming house’s theme, in The Amazing Spider-Man #336, Chance got hired to assassinate casino operator Raymond Trask but was stopped by Spider-Man. The game is very popular and you can enjoy at best payout online casino listed on Casinosters.com. It’s a popular site providing you all mobile casinos, slot and casino games from the UK, all in one place.


First released in 2014, Kakegurui became popular, especially among online casino gamblers. The comic storyline begins at a private academy known as Hyakkaou, which only admits students from very rich families.

The funniest thing about this Japanese comic is that the students do not take lessons. Instead, they gamble their fortune against other students and once a certain student wins, it translates to graduation.

However, to lose means to become a slave to the rest of the students and as a result, each fights hard to attain winnings quickly. A clever student called Yumeko joins the school and cunningly changes the system through her vast gambling knowledge. Kakegurui has also released a series of TV anime that has been very successful in Japan and several other eastern nations.


Gambit was first released in 1990 during the X-Men annual event and is today common in superheroes slots in casinos. Gambit’s casino tendencies are manifested in the forms of controllable playing cards, which he can toss with the aid of kinetic transformation and momentum. Gambit progresses to an extremely deadly addition to the LeBeau Clan Criminals Guild by utilizing the cards as explosives darts.

As a 15-year-old on the run from a disfigured mutant gang member and child slave dealer known as “Pig,” Remy discovers his strength and comes to terms with his special ability. When attempting to flee, Gambit encounters a playing card that his cousin, Etienne Marceaux, has lost, which he charges and throws at Pig, resulting in the loss of his eye.

The Green-Lantern DC

Written by Steven Sharpe alias The Gambler, The Green-Lantern DC was first released in 1944 and has continued to dominate the gambling industry to date. Steven’s girlfriend left him because of his involvement with many gamblers. He made a resolve of becoming a Villain of chance and took the name The Gambler in memory of his grandfather.

He later committed suicide after losing a card game which sent negative views concerning gambling in his time. Today, the comic has become a collection of many superheroes published in many comic books by DC Comics. The superheroes fight evil using magical rings whose power is purely obtained through imagination.


Kaiji has been playing since 1996 and the story is about an experienced gambler who doubles as a conman. On one of his unlucky days, he obtains a loan from a gang, and unfortunately, he fails to pay as agreed. Kaiji is sent to a labor camp in Yakuza where no one hardly survives.

Due to his tactical survival skills, he manages to stay alive and moves on with his gambling. Anyone seeking to understand how the tricks work in the best payout online casino might find this comic useful. The comic has several other series like Gin to Kin and Tetsuya, which are fun to any gambling lovers.


Although gambling and comics can be classified as two distinct industries, they have been intertwined for many years. Today, casinos in the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, and so on use comic heroes and heroines to decorate their online and offline slot machines. Slots software developers are also keen to include superhero themes such as Batman, X-Men, Iron Man, and The Dark Night Rises. Although many comic heroes a few decades back gave gambling a negative notion, today’s heroes have helped erase that notion.

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