5 Cartoonish Sports Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

When it comes to sports games, you’re probably more familiar with series like Madden or the 2K games, which focus on realistic graphics and physics. They try to deliver the most authentic sport experience to their fans, letting them feel like they’re actually on the field/rink/court themselves. This is all well and good, but sometimes we want something a bit different. Sometimes we want to throw realism out the window and embrace the cartoony, silly side of sports. We’re definitely a fan of these kinds of games, so here are a handful of games that will scratch that itch for players.

Mutant Hockey League

This was a game that featured all sorts of fantastical creatures, all trying to play hockey on a rink littered with obstacles that made survival the most difficult aspect of the sport. While hockey can be a rough game, Mutant Hockey League took it to the next level. With chainsaws, open pits, and weapons on the ice, players could either try to outscore their opponent or, if that didn’t sound like a fun prospect, they could simply incapacitate enough of the opposing players to force them to forfeit the game. With so much chaos on the screen, it’s easy to see why this game and the others in the Mutant League series enjoyed so much love years later.

WWE Legends

There have been plenty of games based on professional wrestling over the years, but none of them were quite as loud and brash as WWE Legends is. Many slot games rely almost entirely on the draw of money to bring players in, but this is a game that brings the official sights and sounds of a WWE match to a chaotic game full of bright lights and colors. This exclusive selection from Ladbrokes’ slot games can help scratch that itch for people who want to play a wrestling game without needing to learn all the moves for their favorite icons.

Golf Clash

Golf has always taken itself very seriously, unless you count those socks that players often wear on the course. However, Golf Clash breaks that trend and introduces a healthy dose of cartoon physics to the game. Challenging friends to 1v1 games and competing in tournaments designed to challenge even the best players, there is a surprising amount of skill needed for this mobile game. Eventually you’ll unlock new clubs and courses to compete on, so there is plenty to keep you coming back for more once you’ve got the swing of it. Unlock real golf, there is no need to feel embarrassed if you find yourself on the losing end of a match, though CBS News has some tips for you if you do.

Alaskan Fishing

If other sports are a bit too active for your liking, you can check out this slot game. Alaskan Fishing has plenty of over-the-top imagery and bright lights to keep you amused as you play through. It might not completely replace a fishing trip to Alaska, but there is enough going on here to keep you coming back.

NHL Open Ice 2 on 2 Challenge

If you were a fan of NBA Jam back in the 90s, then NHL Open Ice 2 on 2 Challenge will feel very familiar to you. This is a game that defense forgot, allowing players to rack up massive scores almost every game. Plus, with the smaller rosters, you could create some very interesting match ups with NHL stars of the time. This game might not have gotten as much attention as NBA Jam but that doesn’t stop it from being well worth the time to check out.

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