4 Fun Birthday Ideas for Comic Fans

Finding the perfect gift for anyone – even close friends or loved ones – can often be a challenge. However, when it comes to comic fans, you’ll want something fun and in keeping with their favorite comic book characters or series. For Marvel fans, there are tons of fun birthday gifts to choose from, but perhaps not so much for fans of less popular, but nonetheless, amazing comics. For starters, here are four fun birthday ideas for comic fans.

1. Official Comic T-Shirts

Diehard comic fans are never too proud to be seen sporting their favorite comic character t-shirts. These can even be found in local department stores, although it is more likely that you’ll find them in youth sizes. If you have trouble finding a t-shirt locally, you can always do a quick internet search and, most often, you will find what you are looking for on marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.


2. An Hour in an Escape Room

These are some of the most exciting activities for cosplay and roleplay fans. You can find them in key cities around the country and the object is to solve a mystery or puzzle within an hour. For example, at an Indianapolis Escape Room, you can enter a Hostage room, a Mystery Mansion room, or even a Do Not Disturb room to solve the challenge. The hour goes by quickly, so make sure to work closely with your team so that the door is unlocked before the hourglass runs out! You won’t really be locked in if the time runs out, but it’s fun emulating your favorite superheroes to solve the challenge, saving everyone in the room.


3. Tickets to a Comic-Con or Cosplay Convention

Probably every state across the nation has at least one comic con or cosplay convention each year and this is often the highlight of a comic fan’s year. Whether you want to go dressed as your favorite comic book character or superhero, or simply want to get the latest gear and hints at upcoming editions, these also make for a perfect gift for comic fans. Check out dates in your state here.


4. DVD Collections & Movies

Referring back to Amazon, it is possible to order in digital or HD DVD format entire series of television comics or single movies they may have missed while they were running at a local theater. What comic fan doesn’t want to keep their favorite movies or series forever? A true comic fan will watch each episode over and over and over again, never losing interest and always with a bag of popcorn and an ice-cold drink close at hand.

Whether you choose to buy a gift they can keep forever or tickets to an event like a Breakout room or cosplay convention, it will be just as much fun shopping for the gift as it will be in the giving. Comic fans take their favorite characters, especially superheroes, to heart and so it’s important to know who their heroes are and who their archenemies are. God forbid you pick up a t-shirt featuring the biggest archenemy of all time! Get that right and you can’t go wrong.

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