There are many charismatic and memorable villains in comic books. Authors often give them unusual habits, traits, or hobbies to make negative characters more interesting.

A fairly common hobby among comic book villains is gambling. Society has an ambiguous attitude to them; there are constant articles on the dangers of iPhone casinos for young people and other warnings. Therefore, gambling fits perfectly into the image of evil characters.

Below we will talk about the iconic antagonists in the comics who liked to try their luck.

1. The Joker

Joker is probably the most famous supervillain in the comics. The scariest thing about him is that he has no superpowers and is very much like a real person. In fact, there is a theory that it was gambling that gave Joker his scary scars.

2. Harvey Dent

Another Batman comic book villain is Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face. His father was a gambling addict and Dent most likely passed on his gambling addiction. Two-Face also carries a coin with him all the time and uses it to make decisions, further proving the character’s love of random events.

3. Gambit

This is one of the controversial characters from “X-Men,” who many have come to love for his charisma and character. Gambit doesn’t just love to gamble; he often uses a deck of cards as a weapon in battle.

4. Chance

Nicholas Powell, aka Chance, is one of Spider-Man’s adversaries. Before confronting Spider-Man, Chance was an avid card player. Then Powell becomes a criminal for hire, and even in his job, he finds room for excitement: if he successfully completes an order, he gets a fee, and if not, he pays it to his employer. The thrill of such risk-taking was the only way Chance felt the job was exciting.

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