Comics are often compared with literature. But sometimes to create quality is even a bigger and tougher job, because you just have a few pictures and a few lines of text. And very often comics are masterpieces that can make you feel sad or happy. 

A lot of people are crazy about comics. Some of them prefer only paper comics, as they want to feel it in their hands. However, with the development of the internet and various applications, it is getting more and easier to do things online. You can read your favorite stories online with the help of the app or you can play the best online casino games through the internet and even do not spend a lot on it. Check the best $1 minimum deposit casinos and choose the one that will be the best for you.

What app to choose for reading

There are a lot of apps today that will allow you to read your favorite comics from the desktop. You need to pay attention to the following:


     Available functions

      If it is free or not

The idea is the same as when you choose e-reader to read books.


This is a free open source reader with a simple interface and all the necessary functions for comfortable reading. There are several display modes for comics, including a special mode for manga.


In addition to the reader itself, YACReader also provides a convenient application for managing your comic book library. The program supports all common comic book formats, as well as archives. The interface of YACReader is very minimalistic; it is easy to find all that you need. In addition to the desktop app, there is an app for iOS, but the Android version is not yet available.


ComicRack has a tabbed interface that allows you to read multiple comics at once. On the bottom of the app, there is a panel for managing the user’s library. There are more opportunities for manipulating the collection of comics than in other readers. A nice small bonus – customizable smart lists that make it easy to sort a large number of comics. If the ComicRack interface seems overloaded, press the F button twice to switch to minimal reading mode.

●     SimpleComic

Beautiful minimalistic reader for macOS. Nothing more than just a viewer window and an optional full-screen mode. If you wish, you can enable paging from right to left, which will be useful to fans of manga. By pressing a special button, a preview of all the pages of the comic will be displayed.

There are a lot of different other readers available to users. You can try some of them and see which will suit you more and will help to bring you to the world of comics easily.



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